Chocolate Chip Cookies and World Peace

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

How could a day so important to cookie and chocolate lovers have fallen to the bottom of the headline news feed?

Cookies may look lowly and uneventful but when used properly are filled with power.

They can be used as a bribe to get kids to clean their rooms or to eat the peas scattered across their dinner plate. (Not that I’m suspicious but it might be a good idea to check under the bed for dirty underwear and the family dog for any signs of freshly eaten peas before paying off bribes…) And what about the ultimate bribe…that’s right…cookies set out Christmas Eve for Santa?

Some might say this is a stretch but I think

Chocolate Chip Cookies could promote world peace.

chocolate chip cookies and milk

I envision all the world leaders sitting around a huge oval conference table. Everyone is dipping their cookies in a big glasses of cold milk when the unthinkable happens… the cookie plate is empty. (This is where the genius in this plan kicks in.) If more cookies are to be delivered all the leaders must agree to play nice and not hurt people anymore. (The best plans are simple to execute.)

They all agree, get more cookies and high five each other before dipping the next cookie… until there is only one cookie left and they all start fighting over it, spill the milk and start pointing fingers at each other in blame. (Dang… I always take a good idea and run with it a tad too far.)

Okay, maybe world peace won’t be negotiated over a chocolate chip cookie but they have been at the center of a whole lot of after school snack times, cookie jar raids at grandmas and stops at Mrs. Fields at the mall.

Why we eat them doesn’t really matter. But when we do we need to take time to enjoy that warm, chocolaty (with nuts!) morsels…

And envision World Peace…

Nestle Chocolate Chips


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