Mom is…

The other day on Facebook, where all great challenges in life are found, this one appeared in my news feed.

Pick ONE WORD that best describes you mother and post in the comments below. 

The first thought that popped into my head was… DEAD!

What a minute, before you get all snarky at me I want it known… I LOVE MY MOTHER! But she has been living in Heaven for nearly twenty-one years and to get there you need to be dead. As far as I know this is fact. (If you know of a different way to get there please share. I’d love to go visit with her.)  

Sage advice is to always go with your first answer and/or your gut feeling. Well, that was my first answer and my gut said to keep it to myself. I’m sure no one would have understood therefore seeing me as cold-hearted and undeserving of the life she gave me. (So I’m putting it here where basically the same could happen.)

However my head continued to work on the idiotic idea. How do you sum anything up in one word? Especially your mother? The woman who birthed, bathed and burped you. And took on some of the grossest jobs out of love for you. (Poop and puke involved here.) The person who cheered for you, made sure you had clean underwear and put you in your place when needed.

So yes, my mother is gone from this earth, however she has left behind in me a heart filled with love and memories.

Below is a fuzzy picture taken of an older fuzzy picture of Mom and Me. I think it was around 1966. I don’t know where we are or what exactly we’re doing but it must have been special cause a corsage was involved. (HA, nothing gets by me.)

Me and Mom 1966

Happy Mother’s Day Mom…

To you and every mother here and in heaven.

Now… In ONE WORD, where would you be without your mother? Post below…. Just Kidding!



4 thoughts on “Mom is…

  1. If I had to describe my mother in one word it would be feisty or maybe survivor. She was born into poverty. Her father died when she was nine leaving her mother with 9 kids to support (and there was no government help then). She was a young wife and mother when the depression hit and my dad lost his job. He also died young leaving her to raise me by herself (my brothers were older and out of the house by then). She always made do and I never had any thought that we were any different than any other family. That is an amazing woman! Happy Mother’s Day to you and your amazing Mom!

    • Good Morning Kate… This is proof… Incredible lives cannot be summed up in only one word. Feisty or survivor would not have told me the ‘why’ of those words.

      These wonderful people in our lives should not be reduced to a word. Thank you for sharing a bit of your Mom with me.

      And Happy Mother’s Day to you also. (Yes… cat’s count.)

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