World Travel on a Sunday Afternoon

Three day weekends trying to manage paradise can be tiring. Hub has decided this is the year he will tame the yard into submission. Round one of ‘Hub vs. Moss’ is underway. (I know this is a hopeless endeavour and mostly watch while shaking my head.) After two days of yard work it was decided a sunny, Sunday afternoon would be a good time to rest and remove ourselves from the home front battle.

What we needed was a little calm. And the best place to find calm, peace and a relaxing atmosphere? The Portland Japanese Garden.

We headed south and then west to find a piece (and peace) of the Far East. Snuggled into the West Hills of Portland, Oregon is another type of paradise… where moss is revered and grass is non-existent. (And yes, I was quick to point this out to Hub.)

Although I was ready to take my brochure and trek in on my own, Hub hooked us up with the only guided tour of the day. Hub wins this one. Dorothy made the gardens come alive with her stories and insights while I got a few pictures. (…with my iPhone which, according to garden rules was turned off.) 

Portland Japanese Garden, cranes and pondCranes and Pond. Sunlight and shadows with flowing water. Beautiful. Portland Japanese Garden, Award Winning Japanese Split Leaf MapleThe Award Winning Japanese Split Leaf Maple. (We have one by the mailbox. Ours wins in the category of being hit by a drunk driver twice and still living.) These trees are amazing! Portland Japanese Garden, Stairway exit from Natural GardenOur stairway out of the Natural Garden area. Even the stairs are stunning.  Portland Japanese Garden, Flat Garden blooming on a spring dayBeauty on the back side of the Pavilion.  Iconic shot of Mt. Hood from Portlands West Hills, Portland, Oregon

And on the front side of the Pavilion? The end of our tour and….

the iconic shot of Mt. Hood from the West Hills of Portland.

As we were looking out over the city in a perfect state of calm…we felt hunger growing. Evidently strolling through beauty can do this to a person. We knew the perfect late lunch was out there waiting for us.

From our Japanese experience in the WEST we headed EAST for a quick trip to Norway for a little immersion back into our own heritage.

Viking Soul Food, Portland Oregon, menuLefse, Lefse… We Love Lefse!Viking Soul Food, Portland Oregon, food cart/trailerViking Soul Food is a part of the food cart community on SE Belmont in Portland.  Viking Soul Food, Portland Oregon, tip jarYes… we tipped. Wouldn’t want to deny them their GROG.  Viking Soul Food, Portland Oregon, Savory Lefse Wrap salmonMy lunch? The savory lefse wrap #2… salmon and watercress.

It was a fun afternoon… relaxing, peaceful and delicious!

So what was the first thing Hub did when we got home? Checked the lawn to see if the moss was giving up its hold. That’s my guy!


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