On the Hunt for Happiness

International Day Of Happiness World

Today was

International Day of Happiness.

What? You missed it? According to my clock you still have a little time to hunt some of that happiness stuff down. That is, if you know what you’re looking for.

I’ve been thinking about being happy a lot lately. Mostly because of its elusiveness. Happiness is a bit tricky. For me it morphs from a hot cup of coffee to finding a parking space when I’m in a hurry. Which means if I have my coffee with me as I find the perfect parking space I will have elevated from happiness to euphoria!

Last week a package came in the mail with a gift inside… there was no special reason. Totally a surprise which made me totally happy. The next day the mailman left me a fist full of bills and junk mail. Same trip to the mailbox did NOT bring the same feeling of happiness.

Five simple rules for happinessThen I found out there were actually rules that will give you happiness. It’s perplexing to me that not one of these rules pertains to coffee, parking spaces or unexpected gifts. Have I been experiencing a false happiness?

Happiness is Like a Butterfly. Thoreau

I’ve decided to hang on to Thoreau’s Butterfly Theory.

If I keep my attitude positive and take the time to acknowledge the bright spots in my life I will find many moments of happiness.

And really? Only one day for happiness? The United Nations got that one wrong. EVERYDAY should be International Happiness Day. So if you missed today we have tomorrow and the next day and the next… cause I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like HAPPY…

Maxine. Move Along


4 thoughts on “On the Hunt for Happiness

  1. Happiness depends on where you are (not literally). Right now warmth and sunshine will make me happy. However in August, that may not do the trick. Perhaps every day we wake up (alive) is a good day for happiness.

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