Wandering in the (wordy) desert…

… for forty days and forty nights.

Moses and the Burning BushNo, wait a minute, that was Moses. I get us confused often. I too have spent a good share of my life wandering around and this family also has a story involving a burning bush. Ours is based in a 4th of July incident. Possibly God spoke but no one heard for trying to beat the fire out and calling the fire department.

Moses’ mission was much more significant than mine. Cause my mission is… uh, sheesh, I forgot what my purpose of all this is. That can’t be good.

So anyway, I’ve been wandering in this writing desert for far too long. Ideas have walked through my head bringing with them clever and snarky lines. Notes would be jotted on those ever present (and pesky) scraps of paper (then scrambled, buried on the desk, lost and a couple I know got tossed into the recycling box) but never expanded on and shared.

The Ten Commandments

I’m pretty sure this dry spell has something to do with winter and rain and lack of motivation and laziness. (emphasis on the last two reasons)

In all fairness… to me, God showed favor to Moses by giving him TEN of the greatest sentences ever written.

Me? For now I’ll just continue to plug along until God sends word manna my way.

Waiting for inspiration


6 thoughts on “Wandering in the (wordy) desert…

  1. Silence isn’t always a bad thing! I love this poem by James Whitcomb Riley, “Best of All” . ..
    Of all good gifts that the Lord lets fall, is not silence best of all?
    The deep, sweet hush when the song is closed, and every sound but a voiceless ghost; And every sigh, as we listening leant, a breathless quiet of vast content?
    The laughs we laughed have a purer ring with but their memory echoing;
    So of all good gifts that the Lord lets fall, is not silence the best of all? 🙂

    • Silence is always welcome… unless it goes on for too long. Then for me it becomes an irritation.

      However in this case, I got to learn of a Poet I’d not heard of before and a new poem… Your teacherly skills have no end. Thank You!

  2. Love it. I’m just beginning to come out of hibernation. The temperature is warming up, but the snow is deep and to stubborn to melt. Can’t wait until I can have coffee on the porch swing.

    • Aww Pammy… We are prolific winter turtlers.
      We’ve often wondered around here if you could even see out your windows.
      But that porch swing and coffee brings back lovely memories.
      I may have to go get a cup of coffee and visit the photo album. 😉

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