The Olympics in Six Word Sentences.

2014 winter olympic logo

2014 Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia.

Two weeks of exciting snowy competition.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Hubs retires before evening shows start.

Decided all events must be recorded.

winter olympics sport icons

Became impossible to watch every show.

After reconsidering, he made monumental decision.

Delete button was pushed last night.

Instantly all recordings were no more.

POOF… all gone… yay and…YAY!

Let me say once again… YAY!

We will now resume regular programming.

Time for …Dancing With the stars sign!!!

(Life for me just got better.)


7 thoughts on “The Olympics in Six Word Sentences.

  1. As much as I enjoy them when they come, I am glad to see them go. Some of the competitions I am not interested in and other stations carry reruns. The only alternatives are pre-recorded programs. This week has been like a new beginning for TV. Double yay!

    • About the second day we became confused.
      Were we watching something new or were they re-capping
      certain races and finishes. At least we could speed through
      the commercials. Still, there was no logic to the way it was
      all shown… But then maybe WE were the illogical ones. 0.o
      Either way… we’re moving on!

  2. LOL . . . we were glued to the TV set every night watching. It’s the most I’ve ever enjoyed the winter Olympics . . . the stories were just so inspiring. That said, I do live in Florida, so we’re not tired of seeing the snow like the rest of the country 🙂

    • I love the personal stories also. It is great for others to see the positive results to work and dedication… not just the kids need the reminder, everyone does.

      And that Florida element? The gal posting under you is from Michigan. They haven’t seen bare ground since last November. (Snowing again today.) Pretty sure she’d trade with you for awhile if you want. 😉

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