Mini Me aka My Cell Phone

The creative gene, and we all have one, cannot be held back. It’s a crafty gene in every sense of the word.

As I was blithely going about my life this ingenious gene was secretly building a replica of ME! And was using my cell phone as it’s canvas.

As individuals we each have specific tastes, likes and habits. They show up everyday in the choices we make. Want to keep them a secret? Don’t show anyone your cell phone. It will tell on you. Oh Yeah… that innocent looking little rectangle in our purses and pockets expose us to the world whenever we drag them out.

Here are some of the biggest clues MY phone shouts to the world about me.

iPhone Starbucks cover

The cover! For me a must, because a plain cell phone is just too …uhh…PLAIN and should be dressed. (I always wear clothes.) This beauty was a birthday gift from some people who know me well. (Weasybelle and Scoot) I LOVE IT!

iPhone Starbucks Wallpaper

The wallpaper! The boring pre-loaded wallpapers just weren’t good enough. So as we sat around the kitchen table visiting Scooter took this picture of my coffee mug. We seem to have a theme going here.

iPhone with apps

My APPS! Page one holds my must have handy apps. A devotional, news, search engine, reader (books), dictionary, word game, social media, voice recorder and the all important… Starbucks app which holds my card. (I now pay for my coffee electronically. This even amazes me.) Plus, can’t forget the phone feature and camera!

In the words of Auntie Acid…

Auntie Acid on Phone Apps

Ringtone! Those dings and beeps and buzzes just don’t work for us quirky creative types. That’s why I have a cute and catchy ringtone. I was going to insert it here but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. Evidently electronic coffee payment is my techie apex for now.

[If you want to check it out, it’s in iTunes>Tones>Singer/Songwriter>News & Noteworthy>first row, second down>”Someone Calls” to the tune of What the Fox Say by Abe’s Funny Ringtones] It is guaranteed to annoy and delight.

My Mini Me says… I’m a word lovin’, game playin’, book readin’, coffee drinkin’ Christian.

And if you call me I’ll play my ringtone for you. Love it or hate it… You won’t forget it.

♫♪♫ Someone calls on your phone…

It is ringing now, now, now…

pick it up before it goes…

 What does the phone say… Ring, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding-a-dong…. ♪♫♪

Now I want to see your phone… eh?

12 thoughts on “Mini Me aka My Cell Phone

  1. Hubs won’t let me have a cool cover b/c he says it won’t protect my phone enough 😦 He acts like I’m a klutz or something ;-0 Oh my gosh–I must get that ringtone!!! If we lived near each other, I think we’d be great friends 🙂

    • Obviously your Hubs doesn’t understand the NEED for a style statement. And if we didn’t have a whole country between us I’d help you convince him.

      Yep… I’m sure we could have some great laughs Jamie!

  2. Here’s the story of my phone: My mom is in the hospital. I was recently visiting her. I set my phone on the bed table/tray thingy. The nurse walks in, sees this old-fashioned black contraption on the table and says, “What is that?” I told her was my cell phone. She seemed disgusted and told me I ought to get a new one so I could put photos of my children or grandchildren on it. First of all, I was a little hurt that she thought I was old enough to have grandchildren (I am though). Now I’m embarrassed to take my clunky flip phone out in public. My husband says I need to join the 21st century. I refuse to. 🙂

    • Oh Janet…. that is hilarious… kind of.
      I say your phone says you are secure in who you are and you are not a follower.
      BTW: I have a friend who just got a new phone and it IS a flip-phone. She loves it and says she never accidently calls anyone.
      Stand firm girlfriend! 🙂

  3. I love your phone – go Starbucks coffee! – but I’m sad to say that there’s nothing special about the plain black case my phone is in… what does that say about me?? 🙂

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