Lofty goals with no results.

Every once in a while there is a need to step back and take a look at how life is progressing. I’m talking about my writerly life at the here. I love throwing words onto paper. I have papers with words on them sitting all around me at the moment. And I’ve decided this may be one of my biggest stumbling blocks. I have plenty of ideas, reams of paper and barrels of ink… but NO organization.

willamette writers logo  It was brought to my attention recently how I publicly declared a couple of lofty writing goals. One was in Set the goal then stick the landing… Setting fears aside I was going to confidently attend a Willamette Writers Conference. Two have now passed without me.

Also in Bucket List Update… I expressed my desire to attend the next Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop in April of Erma Bombeck2014. Not that I feel I have any business being there other than my love for all things Erma. But this isn’t going to happen this year either… Reservations sold out in 12 hours. Dang… so far I’m failing fantastically. At least I’m doing something well.

The organization I can work on. So last night I dug into piles of papers and notes, tossing with abandon but also finding opportunities missed. A short story contest I decided was perfect for me went unfinished and unsubmitted along with a couple other random thoughts of public participation which never got sent… including the latest…Willamette Writers… Six Word (Love) Story Contest!

The writing was done…okay, it was six words a shot but still…it was DONE. And now I have the desire to share them with someone…  anyone. Here are my three stories… all eighteen words. If you have a favorite let me know.

1.  Eyeglasses removed. Flirted with coatrack. Embarrassed.

2.  Website said we matched. They lied.  

3.  Wineglasses empty. Roses wilted. Love thrived!

swirly pink valentine clip art

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hoping all your days are filled with love

(…and that someday I stick a landing.)


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