Two Trips Around the Sun

Earth orbiting sun diagram

I got the notice this afternoon from WordPress. Just a simple message telling me two years ago today I signed up for this blog space. This took me by surprise. Mostly because as the world spins, I lumber along not paying much attention.

Now that I had a heads up, taking time to assess how far I’ve come in the last 24 months of hit and miss blogging seemed like a good idea. A few questions were in order.

Has this blog made a difference in the world?  NO!

Have I said anything profound or enlightening?  NO!

Have I impressed my family?  NO!

Will I stop blogging?  NO!

So with my self-analysis out-of-the-way I still felt the need to celebrate… so I bought four tubes of toothpaste.

Cause I know… when I have the need to be over indulgent and yet practical… it’s time to run to Costco.

Now THAT is profound and enlightening information… maybe the next year has possibilities after all.

Two years and counting


7 thoughts on “Two Trips Around the Sun

  1. I would say YES to the first two . . . I don’t know your family, but I can’t imagine them not being impressed by you! And I’m glad you’ll still be around with something to say 🙂

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