January Jigsaws

It’s that time of year again… the long dark and dreary slog between the joyful holidays and the lightness of spring. That’s a lot of time to fill before birds start chirping, flowers bloom and the lawn needs mowing. (I think I just took spring one step too far.)

January Jigsaw puzzle My way of coping is to dig out the jigsaw puzzles. (How many years does it take to declare an activity a tradition?) After all, the table still has the leaf in from the family dinners. All that extra space is just begging to be filled. And who am I to say no to a table that begs?

So out came a new thrift store puzzle find. 1000 pieces of table filling fun. I always start by sorting to find border first. (I like to know my boundaries.) However this one was different. There were an awful lot of pieces.

Soon I noticed there were different sized pieces. Then I found a whole bottom section still together. I wasn’t sure exactly what I had going but I was determined to figure it out. And this was the end result… The expected picture plus a little extra.

January Jigsaw Thomas Kinkade Puzzle

January Jigsaw left over pieces

Even with all these extra pieces, there was still one missing in the featured puzzle. (Did you notice the table shining through?) And all the extra? Even though I’m sure some craftier person would find a clever project to use them in, I found the garbage can.

Having mastered this puzzle challenge and feeling full of pride I decided another challenge was in order. Out of the basement came two more thrift store finds. The first a folk art picture titled Pigeon Pals followed by another folk art picture of Historical Portland. Both proved to be quite easy, each being completed in a few hours. (Again in the Portland puzzle one piece was missing.)

January Jigsaw, Pegeon Pals

January Jigsaw Historical Portland

As I was bursting my pride buttons in walked Ellen’s Ego.

One more week of January. Plenty of time to drag out puzzle number four. (I’m sure Hub won’t mind a few more days being scrunched at the end of the table for meals…. So off I went to my stash in the basement… coming up the stairs with a 1500 piece puzzle.

(Ego picked it out, not Common Sense.)

January Jigsaws quilt puzzle

So here I am on the last day of January nowhere near finishing this behemoth of a puzzle which is taking up most of the table.

Has this happened before? Oh yeah… just last year.

I guess my ego’s a slow learner…


11 thoughts on “January Jigsaws

  1. LOL!! I’ve never been great at puzzles bigger than a 100 pieces . . . I must be a slow learner, too . . . or maybe growing up in Florida is to blame? No need to stay indoors any month of the year down here 🙂

  2. Hours? You finish jig saw puzzles in hours??? For me it would be months…possibly years. Kinda like the afghan I made for Warm Up America. It was wonderful. It only took 3 years. Eating a chocolate bar? That only takes a few moments. Guess it depends on the hobby as much as the hubby. Mine falls asleep on the couch too early every evening. He thinks sticking his feet in my lap is the same thing as cozy cuddling.

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