Pulverizing Produce

There have been many famous Jacks to come our way… Jack London… Jack Benny… Jack the Ripper… Jack Lemmon… but the Jack who captured my Hub’s heart has always been Jack Lalanne. He was the fitness guru of our generation. Remember him? If you need to I’ll wait while you go Google.

Jack Lalanne's Power JuicerSo… back in the day. Mornings would start when our old black and white television sets would come to life with Jack in his jumpsuit leading us in calisthenics. (That’s an old word rarely used because exercise is easier to spell.) But it wasn’t the exercises or challenges that caught Hub’s eye, no sir, he’s a machine kind a guy. It was the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer he fell in love with.

This, Hub assured me, was to be the magic bullet to health. Now after forty-four years I kind of know the guy. He’d have fun experimenting with juicing combinations… NO, pear, brussel sprout and onion with a splash of grape juice does not sound yummy… and I would be left with the clean up.

juicer in piecesI dug my heels in… put on the brakes… stalled… ignored requests… and in general said NO. Just look at the size and all those pieces. This looked like nothing more than work to me. I wasn’t seeing the Joy of Juicing.

What was the point of health if it’s just going to make your life miserable, was my inner battle cry.

Fast forward to Christmas 2013…

This was the Hub’s year for wishes to come true… kinda. He finally got his juicer. Not necessarily the one he wanted but… this one is far better in the kitchen crew’s eyes. He received his very own NutriBullet. (A pint-sized jucier with easy clean up… YAY!)

nutribullet smoothie

Now we’re talking. Three pieces and only two that need cleaning when done …this is progress.

We have since pulverized every of fruit, vegetable, nut and seed in the house. I have had more smoothies in the last two weeks than in my entire life. And blueberries. I finally found a way to endure blueberries.

And Hub? He has a small smoothie every afternoon after work. He may be right. We are eating better and healthier. Please don’t tell him I admitted this.

But I may have an answer to all that nutrition… A little half and half, a squirt of chocolate, a few ice cubes, pour in some coffee (espresso if you have it) and … ta-da … you have a frappachino.

Oh dear, I think I just took the Nutri out of the Bullet


10 thoughts on “Pulverizing Produce

  1. This was funny. My husband, too, got into juicing a couple of years ago. He bought a BLENDER (not juicer) and began adding kale to everything he juiced. The kale never quite turned to juice and everything we drank was a bit gritty. His juicing phase lasted about two weeks; now the blender sits on the counter waiting to be used again someday.

  2. We took the opposite approach. I not only had to have a JL juicer, but I bought one for my sister as a gift. She used hers once a year for juicing tomatoes for making ketchup and various sauces. Mine went straight into the basement and never saw the light of kitchen until a few months ago. Yup, lots of parts – but easy to clean with a faucet sprayer. And all the pulp? I use it in weight watcher bran muffins. We don’t do this every day, but when we do, we love the juice and feel virtuous at the same time.

    • Oh Pammy… You are a far better problem solver than I. Putting the pulp in muffins? Who knew this could be done? …not I. …and yes there is a feeling of doing something good for yourself when chosing something a little more healthy.

  3. We have a magic bullet juicer in our house and use it to make fruit smoothies all the time – much healthier than a soda pop! My favourite drink is banana, strawberries, pineapples mixed with orange juice (and sometimes yogurt). Yummy!

    • Ahh Chris… We are “juicer twins”. (Is there such a thing?) The banana, strawberry and pineapple base is my favorite. I even go so far as to toss in a little spinach. …and you’re right, much better than soda. Since Christmas it has been used daily… it may be a keeper. 😉

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