The Clock is Ticking…

clock striking midnight

In just a few short hours (from where I’m sitting at least) we will jump over that invisible magic line which throws us into a new year (2014) and a possible two weeks of writing the wrong date on checks and other forms.

We are creatures of habit, routine is comfortable, so why do we land on New Years Day trying to walk ourselves backward to undo a given trait we’ve allowed ourselves to latch onto? (FYI: If your habit is scratching and spitting… Yes! You SHOULD work on it.)

I’m sure there are a few people who got it right the first time around. I’m not one of them. However, I’ve jumped over enough of these magical midnight lines to know… they aren’t all that magical. Fortitude and determination will change a habit, not midnight. (See, with age does come some wisdom. And I’ve got age covered.)

We are forever changing, growing and learning. So for this coming year I resolve to remain unresolved… and open to the opportunities and experiences Papa God has in store for me.

My wish for you is a coming year of health and happiness.

Happy New Year!

2014 hanging decoration

9 thoughts on “The Clock is Ticking…

  1. I was just telling my family that I don’t know how I’m gonna used to writing “2014” on stuff . . . I’m still not used to writing 2013, write 2012 all the time, lol. Oh well, Happy New Year! My goal is just to better myself a little bit every day, even though I’m perfect already, of course. HA!

  2. Oh, dear friend of my heart, may you remain open to everything Papa God has in store for you until your last breath in your earth suit and your first spiritual breath in heaven. May this year find you healthy, happy and blessed Real Good.

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