October 31 and Pumpkin Cannons

Here we are at the end of October and all things pumpkin. Some of these orange objects have been put in pies, others have been put on the porch and still others have been put in sling-shots or pumpkin cannons.

…this is when the real fun begins.

Now, I don’t see my family as over the top crazy, but we do know how to have a pretty good time. We’ve gotten lost a couple of times in corn mazes. Once in the rain and again one year near sunset. That was the year we worked our way through by answering trivia questions. That was also the year we sucked at answering trivia questions.

But the most fun comes with launching pumpkins through the air. Our first experience was with the low-tech sling shot method. Here, Tim takes careful aim at the target…

Tim takes aim at target with the Pumpkin Launch

Hub shows excellent Pumpkin Launch form… Hub has stellar pumpkin launch form

These were certainly fun… but then my son got hooked up with a more adventurous group. They needed help with a  structural support design for an evolving project. And as a result we got to tag along on their ride.

So… What happens when CRAZY crosses paths with GENIUS?

You get the ultimate pumpkin launching machine… the Pumpkin Cannon.

Pumpkin Cannons at Heiser Farms

 Our connection is with Furthur… the ultimate in pumpkin launching fun.

Pumpkin Cannon Furthur

  The two cannon competitions were in distance and accuracy.

Pumpkin Cannon

There goes a pumpkin now…

Pumpkin Cannon shot

And this is the damage a propelled pumpkin can do…

Pumpkin splattered car

We’ve all had turns at flipping the switch, including these two beauties…

“Maddybelle and Weasy”

Maddybelle and Weasy

I’m shameless when it comes to showing off my grandchildren… and I’m okay with this.

I love October… I love Pumpkins

…and I LOVE the cannons they fly out of.


12 thoughts on “October 31 and Pumpkin Cannons

    • We are fortunate to be accepted into the inner circle. Cannons are corded off to public for safety. Only the lunatics get to go near… Best case scenario: watch the cannons while sipping a pumpkin spice latte. 🙂

  1. On the east coast in Bridgeville, DE they have what is called Pumpkin Chunkin. People/Teams come from all over the country as well as from other countries to compete. It is going on this weekend but unfortunately I don’t believe my husband and I will be able to attend. It has been filmed for Discovery Channel the last 2 or 3 years. I hope you guys continue to enjoy.

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