National Pumpkin Day…

Pumpkin around the house

Did you know? Today is the official day of the Pumpkin. Why only a day? And who chose October 26th? I have a lot of questions concerning this because… well, I love October and fall and the season change and the colors and everything about it…

…except Halloween. But that is a different story.

Since I believe a pumpkin can’t be fully celebrated in one day, I have declared the entire month as a time to celebrate Pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin patches, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin cannons, pumpkin cookie bars, pumpkin themed jigsaw puzzles, pumpkin butter (of which I’m out of) and pumpkin pies. (This is where I’d share my fabulous recipes if I had any.)

However, the most basic pumpkin celebration is in the carving. It just so happens my family is littered with artists and creative types of all ages. I’d like to introduce to you my great-granddaughter Amelie, Pumpkin Art Designer and her carving buddy, Aunt Maddy. To make charming designs, just follow their lead.

First you draw your design…

Amelie Pumpkin Art

Then let your Auntie Maddy do the carving…

Auntie Maddy pumpking carving

Wait with anticipation….

Amelie Pumpkin Art

Then share your creation…

Amelie's Pumpkin Designs

(Amelie’s Pumpkin Art photo credit: Mimi)

Happy Pumpkin Day Everyone !!!


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