The Scenic Sunday Drive…

It was time. Each weekend cloned the one before. This called for drastic measures of intervention and I was just the person to pull this daring stunt off…

Hub sat comfortably in his chair, eyes focused towards the television. Sunday afternoons and football had taken over our lives. This needed to be changed… even if for just a day. With a little effort Hub’s death grip on the TV remote was released. “Time for some fresh air” I chirped as I pulled him out of  his comfy chair. I ignored the groan sent in my direction.

It was time to revive the Sunday afternoon drive… now that gas prices have plummeted. The new standard of plummet is anything under four bucks a gallon.

Entering Clumbia River Gorge National Scenic Area signSo, last weekend we packed the motorized covered wagon for an afternoon adventure to retrace Lewis and Clark’s Expedition through the Scenic Columbia River Gorge… BACKWARDS! That’s right, we were heading upstream on this beautifully sunny fall day. Trees are in their glory now and we were going to soak in the sights.

Afraid Hub might start thinking on those football games he was missing and make a U-turn in the middle of the highway I decided to drive. After a few miles the fog gave way to sun. My eyes saw picture after picture that needed to be taken, so I mentioned this to Hub… who is NOT the family photographer.

For your viewing pleasure here are a few of his captures…

This is the highway… I-84 through the Columbia River Gorge. Lots of pavement filled with shadows and light. I did not see this as a memorable point… evidently Hub did.

Columbia River Gorge

There is a tunnel for the lanes heading east. The entrance into the side of themountain is framed in fall colored foliage hanging over and around as the river continues to flow off to the left. I suggested this would be a great shot… Hub missed that part.

Columbia River Gorge Tunnel

I think we got lucky on this one…

it only needed a little tweaking.

Columbia River Gorge exit 58

After rolling by Cascade Locks, the Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatchery, Multnomah Falls and numerous parking lots to hiking trails (where all trails are straight UP) we rolled into Hood River, Oregon and the last day of their Harvest Festival.

Hood River Harvest Festival Entrance

Held in Waterfront Park. This is where wind surfing is the sport of choice. There is always a bustle of activity and color gliding across the water. The Gorge is known around here for its winds… but not today. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day with hardly a breeze. We ate our early dinner on the lawn overlooking the water… the calm, shallow (excuse me, your sand bars are showing) empty river.

Not a windsurfer to be found…

Waterfront Park. Hood Riover, Oregon

We spent the afternoon wandering the Arts and Craft Booths talking to artists, admiring talents and tasting cheeses and wines. We watched kids painting pumpkins every color except orange and listened to music groups as the Columbia River flowed toward the ocean. It was a relaxing afternoon.

We couldn’t leave without a souvenir… so these came home with us. Half of Hub’s favorite, Apple Butter, is already gone.

Hood River Apple Butter and Jam

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon drive…

but I have a feeling next week I’ll be watching football again.

Unless…. hmmm.


8 thoughts on “The Scenic Sunday Drive…

  1. Ahhhhh…there you are. I could see it all…and feel the sunshine and hear the fall leaves rustle. Hub’s apple butter left my mouth watering…I vote for Sunday drives and hearing the football scores after the game is over.

  2. A beautiful area, and a fun post. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pull my husband away from football Sunday. We spent last Sunday in Las Vegas at a thing called a “sports book” where eight games played on big screens at once. Not my idea of a nice Sunday. 🙂 Hope you can do this again soon.

    • Oh my… eight football games at once? How overwhelming! You get my vote for sainthood. 🙂

      We did have a good time and at a dinner conversation this week Hub said: “Next year when we go…”
      This gives me hope…

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