Mom is for sale on eBay

I’m not sure what category this falls under so we are going to run with the old cliché Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

I came home today to find a an email from my niece Dawn. (This isn’t the strange part.) Thank goodness she put some qualifiers in the subject line cause my this-is-spam-o-meter was hitting close to 10. The line started with: “Check this out…someone is selling a photo of your Mom on eBay”. My first thought was…”yeah, right.”

Okay, my Mom will have been living in Paradise 20 years come December so she hasn’t had a whole lot of earthly activity lately to warrant this attention… which made this a jolt to see. As I looked through the eBay page I first felt our privacy had been invaded. How dare they…whoever they are…put my Mom up for sale.

I read through the page several times and finally climbed down off my indignant pedestal. That’s when I started to see the absurdity of this. My Mom and Dad had articles written about them and their pictures published in the newspapers all the time. It was really no big deal. So I wrote back to Dawn…

Weird!!!  only mildly describes this.
Obviously someone trying to make money off of old journal photos.
Love that they will retain the copyright, buyer only gets the photo.
But hey…. it’s an “authentic” original press photograph.
That must make it much more valuable.
I’m sure Mom would be pleased that she is listed under ….
“collectables”, “contemporary” and “celebrity”
I do wonder who would really want it though…
I’m sure the interested/buyer window is very narrow.

 So how did Dawn come across this gem? She was online looking for a picture of our old homestead house. There are somewhere around 300 of these floating around the family all she had to do was ask.

This is the house my Grandfather built, I grew up in and dawn was searching for…

the old house

The picture being sold on eBay of Mom was taken in 1990. She was the City of Kent Historian. My Dad had the job first and Mom took over after my Dad passed away. I don’t know how long the eBay bidding lasts on Mom or how long the page will be up. If you want to see her in the back alley of Kent click here. 

It’s okay if she’s gone cause I’m going to save you a whole bunch of money (you’re welcome) and share another picture of Mom from 1990. This is from the church directory which wasn’t taken in a back alley.


I won’t be bidding. I was blessed to have the original.


10 thoughts on “Mom is for sale on eBay

    • Jamie… We never know Poppa’s next move.
      Can’t wait to high-five Him on this one. 🙂
      This has generated some pretty funny family conversations.
      The house was built in 1910, and is still family owned.
      Mom has been renovated also and given wings.
      Her heart was her most beautiful feature.

    • Okay Tony… I ran your question passed my brother this evening.
      I say the cost of paper and ink… He said it’s priceless.
      I think I’m closer to right. (I usually am 🙂 )
      My brother still has the original published articles with the pictures
      (come to find out there were two) He’s the new family keeper of history.

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