Writer Wednesday…

A few weekes ago I participated in Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.

I stumbled upon this opportunity a few months ago in a blog post on Leanne Sype’s Writings and Ruminations.

On Wednesdays, a picture is posted along with 5 words that must be used… then in 500 words or less you write a story. It’s as simple as that.

Being the go-getter that I am, I’d faithfully copy the picture and note the words.

I’d write my story, rewrite it, let it sit, edit again, let it sit and

… forget to post the darn thing. Then a few weeks ago … SUCCESS!

For which I was rewarded as winner of the September Blog Hop Ad Button.

[I don’t know exactly who had the talent to create this, but I love it…]

If you click on this picture in the right column and it will take you to the short story I actually finished…


Pretty cool, eh?  

This weeks challenge has been posted and my head is trying to figure a connection between a picture which includes water and a boat with the words letter, velcro, plant, fever and shopping…

Are you intrigued? I hope you’ll join me cause I’d love to read your creation.

Go check it out…. It’s as easy as clicking on the button below.


Now … get writing!

Blessings to Leanne… she got me up to speed. The adorable Drink Coffee–Make Stuff Up (link) Button was created by Carrie Sorenson at Chasing Revery. You might want to click on over for a visit.


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