Slingo Dumped Me…

Slingo Closed Sign

This is what I was greeted with this afternoon when I went to play a couple games.

I’d take it personally but the Zygna people pulled the Slingo carpet out from under everyone’s feet.

No matter that for two years I have been faithful to use Slingo as my go-to procrastination site. That I sang their praises and held on while all the fickle people rushed over to Candy Crush.

Okay… So I went down Candy Crush road with the masses but, I didn’t give up on Slingo to do it. Maybe Slingo thought I was cheating on it. I never really thought of the Jester having feelings. They didn’t give any reason, just a so long it’s been nice message. 

So here I sit with 56 bucks to spend and no where to use it.

221,388 coins and multiple ‘helps’ with no where to take them.

362 energies with no games to use them on.

And I had amassed 4,724 medals with a total accumulative score of 938,102,124. Sadly, there is a want to cling to these accomplishments. The sad part is that I see them as accomplishments. But it is a testimony to my perseverance. Okay, I’ll admit, I’m desperately trying to spin something positive out of an addiction. {sigh}

None of the above stats would mean squat on a resume but possibly make great bragging rights in the old folds home. In the meantime I’ll go crush some candy while I deal with my loss and grief.

Not to worry… I’ll be fine… Eventually


5 thoughts on “Slingo Dumped Me…

  1. So….did you really lose money or was it virtual money? I got into a couple of games a while back and realized, like you said, what an addiction they are. I had to stop playing them because I couldn’t walk by my laptop without playing a round or two. My laptop sits on the kitchen counter in the hubbub of our household which meant I was on it all day long. I haven’t gone back to those games; however, I play the tamer solitaire and backgammon now.

    • Hey Janet…. Everything was virtual. Slingo even gave me the money… I did have a little worning that they were shutting down. I hadn’t played for some time so went running back to try to use up all my resources. I never paid a dime into the two years of use… so if they made any money, it wasn’t from me.

      (I’m not near as possessed by these games as I pretend to be. I’d rather procrastinate by reading.)

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