The Unplanned Blog Vacation and one clean drawer.

treehouse at nightI’m not sure where I’ve been for the last few weeks, however, I do know that I have not been hanging out on a tropical beach, or scaling the side of a mountain, or visiting a National Park, or even hiding out in a treehouse hidden within tree branches. Although I wouldn’t have minded that option. No… nothing fun has popped up in my life to sweep me away from the everyday.

I have the same twenty-four hour day as everyone else. My problem? The body’s energy levels have been lagging. Only about five hours of energy to spread throughout twenty-four. The accomplishment chart took a nose-dive while the ‘to-do’ and ‘want-to-do’ lists grew.

But now I feel recovery happening so I took advantage… instead of sitting and sleeping, I took the opportunity of open eyes to dig to the bottom of a drawer or two, determined to get some cleaning done. Office clutter is the equivalent of leaving two rabbits together for five minutes…

I found several long-lost treasures along with a few dust bunnies and many toss-ables.

Desk drawer treasures

First and most important find was a Bible I used mostly in the 1980’s adorned with a sticker which reads:

Please Lord, Not what I deserve!

Lift the cover and I had written:

Ellen, Humble yourself before God has to do it.

(I do not believe in pristine Bibles.)

  • A Costco receipt that I must have seen as important… at the time.
  • A yellow slip of paper reading, “Humor covers many deep wounds.” Laughter as an escape mechanism? Works for me!
  • Paint samples from Home Depot. I’ve been collecting these for years. Was planning to paint my bedroom ‘Coastal Surf’. I still may if they still carry the color.
  • A Willamette Writers Born To Write tattoo. As lovely as the winged heart stabbed by a pen is, I doubt it will ever be used. I’ll probably find it again in the bottom of another drawer.
  • A Rumi quote: “Raise your words, not you voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” I wonder if Rumi ever had a ‘born to write’ tattoo.
  • Another note: Pride is concerned with who is right. Humility is concerned with what is right.  Not sure if this fell out of the Bible but that is where it’s new home will be. It’s a good reminder.
  • A delightful card from my son saying… You’re the Perfect Mom! (awwww) Inside: And, hey! What a Coincidence! I’m the Perfect son! Not sure if I should share all these humility quotes or worry that humor is hiding some wounds.
  • Water Heater Shut Down Procedure sticker. I was supposed to attach this to our new water heater when we switched to gas in 1999. I should best get on with this task…

I’d love to be a neat and tidy person but… if that were to happen I wouldn’t have the fun of finding these memory jogging tidbits in odd places at odd times. There will be plenty more treasures in my future… ’cause I don’t see myself getting all organized any time soon.

…before I run downstairs to plaster that procedure sticker onto the water tank there is this last bit of saved wisdom I’d like to share. 

A ticket will get you on the bus — garlic will get you a seat.



11 thoughts on “The Unplanned Blog Vacation and one clean drawer.

  1. How fun! Love the photo too….and great minds think alike! I am cleaning my scrapbooking closet today (or attempting to) where many shoe boxes filled with mementos and photos are stored. It wasn’t long before my chore became a trip down memory lane and nothing much was accomplished.

  2. This is such serendipity. I was just getting ready to work on my post about whether I should consider a blog hiatus when your title caught my eye. 🙂 It must be something about this time of year.
    Thanks for sharing this peek into your drawer. 😉

    • Kirsten… My time off was strictly an act of kicking the can down the road. All my labors produced nothing… “there’s always tomorrow”, I’d tell myself until a month had passed. Summer days do have a way of hijacking routine. I don’t think we’ll reget the the choice to run play come winter.

  3. This is absolutely precious! I love found treasures – especially in ‘junk drawers.’

    I have a few of my own, you see. Well, a few junk ROOMS really. I know there are piles and piles of treasures in there. Well, really not treasures to anyone else… just me.

    Thank you for sharing your excavation with us. And, just so you know – I haven’t been blogging much lately either. You have given me inspiration to at least pick up a pile, or open a drawer or closet, and sort. No. Explore.

    Thanks! 😀

    • Patti… Good to see your eyes peeking over the edge of your avatar. 🙂

      Junk ROOMS?!?! Love the idea of exploring your own past one drawer, closet or pile at a time. 🙂 Hope you find a few treasures of your own… and don’t forget to share.

  4. Another blog absentee here too. So glad you found the energy to unearth those inspiring treasures. Thanks for sharing – just the nudge I needed to both excavate for treasures and to get back to blogging.

    • Hi Caro… Ummmm, I’m going to make a few excuses here for you just as a reminder. Besides blogging you also have published two books, run a B&B and have two beautiful grandchildren living next door… and that’s the short list. However, I do hope you find a treasure or two when you find time to sort. 😉

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