Worst Contest Idea EVER.

enter to win

Millions of people play the lottery. Cause who wouldn’t want to win a boat load of money? There are all kinds of contests. Prizes ranging from a package of mints (yep, I spun the wheel at the credit union for that gem) to grand prizes of trips to a paradise island or a new car.

I love free stuff

I wouldn’t mind winning a car, a trip, a boat or the money. I’m pretty sure most of us love free stuff. I wasn’t even picky about what the stuff was. (those mints were tasty) Well, I thought I wasn’t till yesterday when something special showed up in my mailbox.

At first I thought it was just advertising. Creepy advertising, but still, just advertising. However, before tossing the letter into the shredder I noticed the wording in the corner. Oh My Stars…

this was an entry form to WIN a Pre-Paid Cremation.

I’m not joking… you can read it for yourself.

Cremation Entry Form

Did you notice the picture? I was still in shock when Weasy and Scooter pointed out the irony of what the people in the picture are doing. Frolicking on the beach, they look extremely happy as they play Ring-Around-The-Rosie.

How sadistic is that?

What is portrayed as a fun children’s game has horrendous under tones referring to the plague (Black Death) of the Middle Ages. A simple explanation goes like this…

  • ~Ring around the Rosie refers to the red mark indicating the first sign of the plague.
  • ~A pocket full of posies refers to the herbs carried to ward off infection.
  • ~Ashes, ashes refers to either the cremation of plague victims or possibly referring to the Biblical reference of “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust” said during funeral services.
  • ~We all fall down refers to the plagues ability to touch any and everyone. All were vulnerable.

Okay then… the people at Neptune Society, the contest sponsors, are either clueless or have a weird sense of humor.

Further reading of contest rules states “some limitations apply”. I’m pretty sure this means you have to be dead to claim your prize. Which kind of takes the fun out of winning. Since I’m not entering, I won’t have to worry about the logistics of claiming said prize.

But I would like to wish Johnny Thompson, last month’s winner, (his name is announced at the bottom of the WIN banner) a long and prosperous life.

In the meantime? I’m holding out. I want to win that trip to paradise, or that shiny new car. But mostly I want that boat load of money!


14 thoughts on “Worst Contest Idea EVER.

  1. How macabre is that!?! Before I read what you wrote about the photo, my first thought was the family was playing Ring Around the Rosie. I think the advertisers knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Good luck, I hope you win something grand!

    • They certainly stayed with their theme… gotta give them credit for that.
      Next time they have the wheel of fortune at the credit union I’m going to try for the $5 coffee card. I figure that would be the next logical step up from mints. 😉

  2. My doctor once told me that I had a better chance of winning the lottery than getting hit by lightning. I asked that if I had a choice, I’d rather have the lottery. That goes for this too. It’s not really a gift for you but for you survivors.

  3. I agree with Janet that the ad is very macabre–and that the advertiser selected the picture of people playing ring around a rosie for a reason. I don’t understand how the cremation service could possibly think that the ad and giveaway were appropriate.

    • Sheryl… It certainly was startling. And started a whole different kind of conversation with the grandkids. o.0 Can’t wait to read their what I did this summer essays in the fall… I talked to grandma about cremation! YIKES!

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