July 4th, freedom and Inbox Amnesty…

you've got mail mailbox

…and Lots Of It…

Remember when we got our first computers? It was magical

And then that first email came in and we could talk to someone instantly! No more waiting for the postman to pick up our letters, take it to the huge brick building on 12th Street, be sorted, bagged, shipped, sorted, put into a Jeep and taken to it’s destination. Oh no… with one click our words were now instantly transported to Michigan, Canada, Texas and somehow across oceans. I won’t even try to pretend to understand how any of this works.

There is usually an under-belly to things that are perceived as all wonderful and email has an under-belly.

What was once an act of wonder… has now become email overload.

you've got mail 4

Leave the computer unattended for even a short period of time and the emails breed like rabbits. Two becomes six, six becomes thirty-six and thirty-six becomes…. dang, where did I put the calculator…

Last month I officially gave up.

My new routine now includes Email Amnesty… every first and third Mondays of the month. That’s right, after two weeks of inbox captivity, the unread emails get a final scan to make sure I catch any personal messages from family and friends and the rest are pardoned from inbox incarceration and set free. The first time was a little anxiety ridden, the second time not as much and Monday’s farewell send off was no big deal.

I’m sure some deletes may have been important or informative on some level, however, so far my life has continued quite smoothly. [This is where I’d like to inject a snarky “if something was important NSA will bring it to my attention”, but I will control myself.] There is an unexpected sense of control and freedom that comes from this one little choice.

Today is July 4th … Independence Day in the United States of America.

Some freedoms are huge, some are small. I am grateful for them all.

Even the silly ones like Email Amnesty!

And by the way, I know at least 110 people just got this message…

you've got mail art

Feel Free to Delete.


11 thoughts on “July 4th, freedom and Inbox Amnesty…

    • Kate… I used to be afraid of missing out of something or everything. Perhaps time and age has given me a better perspective. There are certain addresses I always respond to… others not so much and I’m okay with that.

      Not near as painful as it used to be. 😉

    • Well Pammy… If anyone knows crazy, it would be someone with 749 eamils awaiting attention. But before you go delete ninja on them, check to see if any are from me. 🙂

      You author types are soooo busy.

    • Oh my stars, Jamie…. 5 emails?
      Your bio should read author AND master email juggler!

      I’m sure, like Pam above, you published people need to respond to your fans. I don’t have that issue …all my fans are attached to the ceiling.

      Good luck juggling… 😉

  1. I just got home after a 30 hour trip and had over 50 emails. When I go to Ireland this summer, I guess I’ll come home to 950 new emails. Dang!

  2. This is so true. I loved when I heard “You’ve Got Mail” when I logged on. Now I turn the sound down before I get to that point. Sometimes I dread looking at my inbox. I try to make Sunday the day I read and/or delete…and comment. 🙂

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