So many things to celebrate – So little time.

Did you miss it? Did you even know about it? I just found out today that there is a National Flip-Flop Day.

How could the owner of eleven pairs of flip-flops and only two pairs of sneakers not know of this special day. That’s what I was wondering when I happened across this tidbit of news today. I had to know more so I slipped into my Columbo overcoat and went sleuthing.

A Tropical Smoothie CafeThe Flip-Flop path took me to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe site. I had never heard of Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Therefore I thought they all must be located on the East Coast. Nope… there is one living just eight miles away from where I am sitting right now. (I really gotta get out more.) They have locations in 37 states… if I counted right. There could even be one near you! (You’ll have to check on that ’cause I don’t know where you live.)

Further reading put the cherry on the top of the smoothie… This whimsical celebration garners funds for Camp Sunshine… a charity for kids with life threatening illnesses (and their families) in Lake Sebago, Maine.

A Tropical Smoothie Cafe Coupon

But wait… it was June 21st? I missed it… kind of. My inner flip-flop connection must have kicked in. Because June 21st was the Friday Scooter hopped on the bus to football camp leaving Weasy and I to shoe shop in peace. (Girls can shop so much better when not hassled by boys who are bored.)  And we did an excellent job…

I was able to add two new pair to my collection while Weasy added one pair to hers. Weasy’s are white and sparkly. She’s cute and can pull the white, sparkly look off. I can’t. These are mine…

BOC and Clark's Flip FlopsI think it’s time for Weasy and I to put on those new flip-flops and go give Tropical Smoothie Cafe a try. It wouldn’t hurt to practice for next years celebration. Besides, who wouldn’t want to support a business with heart and a sense of humor?

A Tropical Smoothie Cafe Tropitude:

“If a wave crashes and no one is around to hear it except for you, you picked the right beach.”

“Sunblock smells like the beach. Perfume smells like a department store. Advantage, SUNBLOCK!”


4 thoughts on “So many things to celebrate – So little time.

  1. Although not a big flip flop fan (it’s the thingie between the toes — some hurt) I do love sandals. I also love the smells of summer. It does smell! First it’s mown grass but the best is the coconut suntan lotion smell that seems to be everywhere. This year I even bought a candle that smells like that. Happy belated flipflop day.

  2. I’ve never heard of the smoothie place either, but had to look it up. We have ONE here in California, five hours and fifteen minutes away from my home. I wonder if they have curbside pickup?

  3. Love the quote: “”If a wave crashes and no one is around to hear it except for you, you picked the right beach.”” 🙂 Thanks for sharing… and although it’s a little late, happy flip-flop day to you!

  4. Guess it makes sense since June 21st is the official first day of summer . . . coincidentally, that’s also my daughter’s birthday. She turned 13 this year *sigh* Where does the time go?!

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