Sometimes a Great Notion…

…and Father’s Day!

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again…

I am gift-giving challenged. What do you mean your favorite color isn’t blue? Wrong size? You already have three? Who knew? Adding to this we live in a time when everyone has EVERYTHING. Remember when a dollar and a pair of socks were worth doing cartwheels over? Well, those days are gone…along with dollar gifts and the ability to do cartwheels.

My family is made up of nothing but FATHERS! Hub fathered two boys and those two boys have grown and fathered families of their own. I LOVE family traditions. This makes Father’s Day kind of a big deal for me and I wanted to do something special.

Moving back to the gifting launch pad I wondered what I could possibly do for these men that I love so much. Home Depot gift cards… nope, too impersonal. I could cook a homemade meal for them… nothing special there. Dilemma plagued and feeling dejected I started clicking around the internet and by Devine Intervention (cause really, Poppa God is the best gift giver of all time) up popped a Tim Hawkins video.

Knowing I needed my spirits lifted I watched the video… and then another, and another and another. Until I clicked myself all the way to the Tim Hawkins Website. And there in front of me was the Tim Hawkins Concert schedule. My heart started pounding. Could this really be? Oh yeah…Father’s Day weekend he was in concert only four miles down the street from my house. Poppa G has had to hit me over the head before to get my attention… that’s nothing new. But this time he used the internet to get the message through… and that is new.

A few more clicks and…

Friday night ten of us gathered, ate pizza, jumped in cars and drove the four miles for an evening of family friendly entertainment. I sat surrounded by the next two generations of my family for two hours, laughing so hard at times we had to wipe away tears.

This year’s gift was a winner, and I didn’t even have to warp it.

 And the Ken Kesey’s title reference? I had just read a book review for Sometimes a Great Notion. “A fiercely independent and strong family in the Pacific Northwest faces a collision of tradition with modern times.” This book was first published in 1964… blending three generations of tastes is even harder now.

Ken’s other best seller was One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. We’re not even going to go there.


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