Remember Garage Bands?

garage bandMemories came flooding back tonight…

Growing up we had neighborhood garage bands. Kids from school, usually band members, would form a group thinking they were going to make it big someday. In reality they were never going to make it out of the garage but no one had the heart to tell them.

At my school there was a musical group which formed named the Five Guys. These guys were the exception… they were good. Not only did they leave the garage they jumped into the car and hit the big time… playing for school teas, assemblies and other high profile functions. They were not the norm.

I was never asked to join one of these neighborhood bands no matter how many times I showed up with my violin or cello and begged. Well, all that was back in the 1960’s and times have changed…

backyard concert

Tonight our neighbors had their annual backyard concert. This is the sixth year they have kicked off summer break by flooding the neighborhood with music. There is one street, one house and one backyard between us and the sound equipment.

This could be disastrous except the musicians that show up with drums, keyboards, bass guitars and singers are good. Very, very GOOD! For two hours the neighbors along with us open our windows or wander outside to enjoy a special evening of weeding or rocking to the oldies. This year even some Michael Jackson and Adele tunes were thrown in.

The garage bands are fun memories enhanced by the outdoor music of tonight’s backyard concert complete with intermission.

I’m pretty sure if I showed up with my violin or cello I’d get the same response as I did all those years ago… the definition of cool hasn’t changed that much.


6 thoughts on “Remember Garage Bands?

  1. Many years ago one of our neighbors had a Saturday afternoon picnic with an Irish band. It’s a good block from my house but we just put the chairs on the front lawn and listened. It was so fun!

    • There is something special about being outdoors with live music.
      I love them all… except rap and heavy metal, they are just noise in my ears.
      An Irish band? My chair would be out too.

  2. I smiled when I read that you played violin and cello… My two sons play the violin and cello, and I have a daughter who plays trumpet (all for their school band), and my youngest daughter is taking flute next year. We love music in our house!

    • Chris…. YAY for your kids making your house Concert Central.
      I loved cello best, over violin or piano…
      Who would have guessed they all would be well suited for leading worship in later years. Music is a type of therapy for me.
      I hope your kids continue to practice and play with joy!.

    • Aww Jamie… your the best… but now that I look back,
      a violin and ‘Hey,Hey, We’re the Monkeys’ was probably not a good match.
      …and you have till next year to pack up and get here. 😉

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