Needing a Change…

change ahead sign

Change comes charging at us from all directions. Just today I noticed the price of eggs have sky rocketed. Obviously the fault of the powerful and unchecked HLEHU (Hens Laying Eggs for Humans Union).

And there is the ever-present and frustrating phenomena of kids growing without permission. How do we deal with this? They have no union, they are just rebellious. They’ll wish they hadn’t when they hit my stage of wrinkles and sags… HA! That’ll teach em.

I have a love-hate relationship with just the idea of change. Some changes drive me nuts… like computers for instance. I need a new laptop. This one is old and cranky, however, through compromise, we (the computer and I) have developed a working relationship. I’d love to get a new laptop bedazzled with all the new techie bells and whistles that scream how cool I am. The problem is I’m not cool… and I have heard far too many horror stories of Windows 8… a change I’m not sure I’m up for.

I can hear some of you now and NO … getting a MAC does not solve the learning curve problem… it’s still change. I rest my case. (I should have been a lawyer.)

When it comes to change I want control. I want it to happen when I say and at my slow pace, but mostly I want to decide what the change will be. And I have decided the header of this blog needed changing. This may not be headline making news, but after fifteen months I thought you might be tired of seeing my family at the top of the page. I know it looked like the ocean but they were all in there if you’d paid attention… and if you didn’t, well, too late now.

starbucks 40th anniversary cup

It was time for a change, so I put new batteries in the camera and gathered all my favorite things. The picture above represents me… the real me.

  • The background is an old work table from a machine shop that was refinished by my son.
  • The ‘Words’ notebook was crafted by me… just like this.
  • The cup is my favorite… Starbucks 40th Anniversary edition. It’s shiny and elegant.
  • The pen was re-gifted to me only hours after I had given it to Hub for Christmas. (It has a story of its own to tell.)

Yes, this is me in a nutshell… I’m a crafty, old, Starbucks drinking, horrible gift giver who loves to write.

 The status is NOT quo, life is ever-changing...

Don’t believe me? Check the picture above.


8 thoughts on “Needing a Change…

  1. Ellen,
    I propose a change for your consideration. PAUCU: People Against Uncontrolled Change Union. Take your time….you can get back to me in a year or so and we’ll consider it over a cup of Starbucks.

  2. I hear ya! I like change on things I am interested in. Other things that are just utilitarian, like computers, I don’t like to take the time to learn. It’s not that I can’t, just not interested. I am considering getting a smart phone. I have a dumb one that only makes phone calls. It’s probably an antique (but it’s red!). Love your new masthead. That change is good!

  3. wonderful new masthead, yes, and LOVE that “chicken union” is one of your tags (is that for underrepresented poultry or for people who are scared of change…?) xo

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