She Got Her Marching Orders

 Spring has a funny effect on us up here in our neck of the woods. After a long, dark, cold, rainy spell called fall, winter and most of spring, we look out our windows in the hope of seeing a flower. Once a pop of colored pedals is found, word spreads fast. Joy and celebration takes over our spirit and the only logical thing to do is get out and march down the street.

It’s an annual rite around here and we didn’t want to miss a minute of it. It was a lovely day for a parade. We were lucky to have such good weather.

Sitting in the middle of the street

We had to wait an hour and a half for the parade to get to us but it was worth it. Having a Starbucks with hot coffee and a restroom directly behind us didn’t hurt either. Here we go…

the 50th Annual Hazel Dell Parade of Bands!

Hazel Dell Parade of Bands

Since we were dressed warmly and had been drinking hot coffee these gracious people thought a nice COLD treat would be the perfect hand out… and my hand took it. Hey, it was free!

Free ice cream

Our Fire Department was well represented.

our fire department

Goats… Of course there were goats. All parades should have GOATS!

parade goats

We continued to search through credit union floats, little league teams and clowns before we saw them… the band we’ve been looking for… The Pleasant Valley Marching Band!

Pleasant Valley Marching Band

And especially this girl…

PVMB hand over Weasy

Nope, not the flag twirler girl. After sitting in the middle of the street for three hours waiting for this moment and as the band brilliantly played Stars and Stripes Forever, they marched by and I missed the shot. Weasy is directly behind twirler girls extended hand.

So my camera skills are lacking a little. However my friend skills are in fine working order.

Weasy and flute

There she is Weasy the cutest flute player in the parade.

Photo courtesy of Jodi Harding Pruett friend and real photographer. I’m sure I could have got this shot if I had been on the right side of the street, but for now I’m blaming the camera. Thanks Jodi.

Today I awoke to 44 degrees and rain with reports that snow is revisiting the mountains. The calendar has been checked… Yes, it is the end of May and reluctantly the heat has been turned back on.

However, on the bright side… we’ve seen a flower, declared it officially Spring, sat in the middle of the road and watched a ray of sunshine march by. Life maybe a bit chilly, but it is certainly good!


6 thoughts on “She Got Her Marching Orders

  1. We have had the craziest weather this year. Today it is 88 and humid. Same tomorrow with a high of 68 for Friday-Sat-Sun. We have been having these crazy 20 degree swings that are driving my body (and garden) nuts! If we get snow I’m moving to the islands.

  2. This post took me back to many small town parades I participated in as a pastor as well as ones I watched from the sidelines with my family.

    Thanks for the memories.

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