Coronation Day…

dental crown

Wednesday morning I arose early… at least fifteen minutes before the alarm. Shoot, I had forgotten to reset the time and now I only had a half hour to get ready.

Flat iron plugged in and set to high, I went about my regular routine. Although I had just flossed before bed I did it once again before brushing. I wanted everything to be perfect.

Once again I checked the clock while applying make-up, settling for lotion, foundation and a bit of lip gloss, I quickly ran the flat-iron through my hair hoping to tame the bed-head tangled tresses.

Fashion is not my strong suit. My closet does not speak to me. I was baffled as to what to wear to a coronation. With time running out and I needed to act quickly. I ended up choosing a sedate long sleeve black vee-neck tee-shirt, a clean pair of jeans and leather flip-flops which match my handbag. YES… casual and carefree was the way to go.

After the trauma of standing in my kitchen falling apart, I was excited at the prospect of being put back together again and moving on.

dental chairDr. Karin greeted me with a smile as I was led down the hallway to the throne room by Heather her assistant. (This being my third and final visit for this procedure we are now on a first name basis.) This was to be the easy part and no anesthesia would be needed. Easy for them to say…

The temporary crown that I was supposed to be so careful with for fear flossing would pop it off was not about to budge. Heather poked, prodded and pulled…  nothing. She walked out of the room, leaving me laid out and on my head saying Dr. Kairn could get it off…

After a warning that I may feel a little pressure, Dr. Karin pulled out the big pliers. After a little wiggling and more poking she gently wrenched the temporary crown out of my mouth. Moving on… the new crown fit fine, was super glued in and I walked out the door with instructions to not eat for a half hour but drinking would be fine.

Starbucks and AdvilI had done it. I survived my first crowning. Celebration was in order…

so off I went to my favorite watering hole… Starbucks!

(I used my Cinnamon Dulce Latte to wash down the now needed Advil)

(Don’t know Jason, but i’m thinking he’d just been to the dentist also.)


2 thoughts on “Coronation Day…

  1. Sending hugs & sympathy. Well, I will be as soon as I uncurl from the fetal-position. I hate dentistry SO much that even someone else’s experience leaves me shivering! ♥♥

  2. Let me see, it’s not as bad as an operation or childbirth, right? It’s all over and I bet the best part was that Starbucks latte. I have had a lot of “mouth work” done including gum surgery on 3 quadrants. You have my sympathy. These days I hate the dentist more than the gyno although sometimes it’s a tossup.

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