I No Longer Miss My Mom…

Mom and Me... 1966?

Mom and Me … 1966?

Last year at this time I reminisced on all things Mom and wrote…

Pay Attention Kid… A Mother’s Wisdom…

My mother will be celebrating her 20th Heavenly Birthday this year. Not sure how they party in heaven but here, in my body, there has been a shift. It used to trigger sadness. However each year this feeling would lessen.

This year I crossed the magic line I’d only heard about up until now. It happened so gradually it was virtually unnoticeable.

She had a wild streak. She once shot out my brother’s basement window while shooting at a squirrel that was getting into the bird feeder. She loved her birds.

I have now gone skeet shooting and loved it. I also shoot BB guns with Scooter. Empty pop cans fear me! Skeet, not so much.

At Mom’s house all garbage had to be wrapped securely before placing in the garbage bin for pick up. I now find myself doing the same.

Mom could be found many nights wandering the yard with a flashlight in search of slugs to kill before they got to her plants. I haven’t taken up this habit yet but it could possibly be because I don’t live in the same area or that my gardening skills aren’t worth saving.

Aunty Acid Mother comes outI no longer miss my mother. I’m not sure exactly how or when, but she has moved inside my body. Her actions, words and quirks appearing at the strangest times. A reminder of where I came from…

I also remind myself of how she was wise, dedicated and generous…  and how she loved her children and grand-children to a fault. It is when I think on these things that I become most thankful to be a product of her gene pool.

Love you Mom… Happy Mother’s Day!

Did you hear me? I said… I LOVE YOU!

Oh yeah… and she was hard of hearing. Dang, I got that gene too.


10 thoughts on “I No Longer Miss My Mom…

  1. Imagining myself gathering you up in a ginormous hug. How I adore looking at the world through your eyes, dearheart. I wish I had these kind of memories of my own mom–endearingly funny, poignant, loving. Since I don’t, having your share yours with me is such a gift. ♥♥

  2. Awwww! Every once in a while I will say something that is soooo “my mother” that my family calls me on it. Don’t know where it comes from but I think she is laughing in heaven. It’s her revenge!

  3. What a lovely tribute. My mother has also been gone for many years and I can understand how your feelings and emotions have evolved over time.

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