The Gift of Time.

I was born into my Father’s Time Zone which is 15 minutes behind everyone else in the world. I was functioning fine until I married Hub. He was born into a time zone which I didn’t know existed. His is an hour ahead of everyone else in the world. This was shocking to me. Over the years we’ve had many wrestling matches over which one to live in. We’ve learned to negotiate departure times. And contrary to what some may think, I do try to honor them.

Another issue we have is gift giving. I know people who instinctively know what others would like. They are tuned into their likes and dislikes and even their favorite colors. They actually go to the store to purchase the gift, wrap it and sit back to enjoy the oohs and aahs of joy they bring. They are the most annoying of over achievers. Neither Hub nor I have this talent however I’m sure we annoy people in other areas.

Timex watch vs. Citizen watchBack to time… I’m a watch wearer. But not just any watch will do. It may not appear so but I have standards… or possibly they are age related needs.

A whole lotta years ago (that is code for I don’t remember exactly) after losing my most favorite watch ever I picked up a $10 Timex at Target to get me by.

It fit all my needs… white background, REAL numbers which for me translates to readable, no extra doo-dahs, silver and gold band and light weight. It quickly became my new favorite. It held up to the hype… it took plenty of lickins’ and a couple of dunkings in the Columbia River and kept on tickin’… until the battery would die.

Each time I had to search out a new battery, my complaints grew louder… replacement batteries were now costing nearly as much as the watch did originally. Enter Hub who loves me dearly and wants to make my life as stress free as possible. (I hope you didn’t buy that. He just didn’t want to hear the gritching. He can’t fool me.)

It was two years ago he ventured to the store on his own. (This is BIG cause he seldom does this.) And he proudly gifted me with a super special Citizen Watch. It is obvious from the picture above that it met all my criteria… black background, roman numerals, all silver band and weights 3x’s my old watch and cost 30x’s more. But… and this was the most excellent part of the gift… it keeps ticking as long as I keep moving. That’s right, I am the energy source! 

In digging through a drawer last week I found the old Timex. The back is popped off still waiting for that new battery. It took me awhile to get over myself,  but now I get it. Not once in two years has the new watch stopped or have I had to search out a battery. I’m learning my roman numerals and have figured out if I put the watch on and it says “VI” at the top… I’m going to be more than 15 minutes late.

Time is precious. I’m putting the old watch back in the drawer where it belongs because… so is Hub.


4 thoughts on “The Gift of Time.

  1. My hub has “funny time.” If we are going to a party or a social event we are always there exactly on time or early. If we are going to an airport for a flight we are always running to the gate! We know how long it takes to get to the airport and through security. Maybe it’s just a math issue!

  2. My dear Greek is on time. I’m off time. Opposites do attract. My mother said I’d be late to my own funeral. So far, knock on wood and keep those prayers coming, I’m right on off schedule. Still here. Works for me.

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