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There isn’t much of quality on television lately.

(This is where you let out a huge sigh, shake your head at me and plan your “except for” response… Believe me, I’m looking forward to reading about your favorite shows. I could use the suggestions.)

For me there is too much violence and/or stupidity. I find neither entertaining. I was excited recently to watch Secrets of Highclere Castle, a documentary on the house featured in Downton Abbey. It told of a time when there were standards to uphold. The butler said something that caught my attention…

It’s important to maintain standards,

because once they disappear, they will never come back.

I believe this is true and here’s my evidence…

Shirley vs Honey Boo Boo

I grew up with Shirley Temple. (If you are young you’ll probably have to Google her.) She was sweet, charming and overflowing with talent. Now we have Honey Boo Boo. (If you are older you’ll probably have to Google her.) She can’t even speak English well enough to be understood so the show puts up captioning to translate.

Help… our standards have fallen and can’t get up.

So while I’m waiting to hear your show suggestions I’ll be watching my DVR’d episodes of Duck Dynasty and Dancing With The Stars… I have settled for non-violence and goofy. So far it’s working for me.