Looking Back While Moving Forward…

I had just read an article on signs of dementia and heard the beep from the kitchen announcing coffee was ready. Thinking on how hard it must be for families to watch people they love slide backwards before their eyes I took a cup from the dishwasher and poured in the steamy black liquid that would get me through the morning.

I grabbed a second dish and …Argh! They weren’t washed. Wait…don’t panic I told myself. It was probably just a touch of ADD or plain old tired. No time to dwell on it now, I had some writing to do. It was time to drink and think.

Life History…

heart treeThe request didn’t sound hard. “I need an account of your where, when and hows of life for the family book I’m writing.” wrote Michelle my cousin. Sometime around twelve years ago she found us and grafted us firmly onto the big-picture family tree. This should be easy, I did live it after all. No big deal I thought.

My head is filled with storage boxes. Each filled with memories neatly tucked away. I rustled through a few of these time capsules gleaning bits of what I hoped was interesting pieces of life. But like most projects it got messy as one memory lead to another. Did I really want to tell about the time it snowed and I thought ice skating on top of my brothers hot-bed window cover was a good idea? I still carry the three-inch scar on my leg as a reminder.

With mental memory boxes scattered open and pen jotted notes I heard the familiar ding of a new email. Distraction was just what I was needing. So off I went to read a few emails.

Class Reunion…

jr. year at K-MThere it was in black and white, or in this case the school colors of royal blue and white… another invitation to step back into a time when the Senior Parking Lot was filled with nothing but classic cars!

Catch up at the Class of 1968’s 45th Reunion. It’s a perfect opportunity to mingle, swap stories, and reconnect with friends from Kent – Meridian High School.

What?!? …that’s a whole different section of brain stored memory boxes. I liked school for the most part, but a whole lotta life has been lived since I attended the “7” year reunion. Yep, that was my class… a bit random. I haven’t been back since.

Some names on the list I vaguely remember, others I’m sure are made up. Tell us your memories of Lindy it says. And I think, who the heck is Lindy? There are 178 contact names on the mailer. There were 550 people in my graduating class. It must have been someone else who knew Lindy… and where are the other 372 people hiding?

Except for a few, I’ve lost touch with this part of my life and not sure I want to go back and be reminded of all the stupid stuff I used to do. I’ve made a few more friends over the years and moved on.

Bucket Lists…

I scooted my tablet of notes to the side and answered the phone. Ahhh… a real live friend to help bounce thoughts and ideas around with. After chatting awhile she asked…so, you working on that bucket list?

Oh yeah… I ate a whole package of Girl Scout Cookies in one sitting. Ticked that one off the list. It was pretty easy though, I told her. The packages aren’t near as big as they used to be. We tsk-tsked at how life had changed over the years.

Then it dawned on me… life around me may have changed, but I haven’t.

I’m still capable of doing stupid things and laughing about it.

   Life Historydone and sent

Class Reunionundecided 

Bucket List… Moving Forward 

every bucket counts


4 thoughts on “Looking Back While Moving Forward…

  1. I have days like that too (only I usually realize the mugs are dirty BEFORE I pour the coffee!). I haven’t been back to a class reunion at all. By the time they had the first one, I was so disconnected with my high school friends that I had no interest in going. Now too many are dead and the rest look old! (I must have been really young in that class!) Onto more fun bucket stuff like the cookies!

    • I’m sure I have a dang good excuse for not noticing the used cup before pouring… I just can’t think what it is right now. o.0
      …and congrats to you Kate… I applaud your wisdom in cup choices and reunion avoidance.

  2. I’ve successfully missed every class reunion from high school, college, and graduate school since I graduated. I came very close to tarnishing my record and going to one this year, but at the last moment good sense prevailed. (That, and a frugal nature – they were charging $50 a head to pay for the drunks to take advantage of an open bar).

    • A BIG high-five to you Tony!
      When it comes to my final decision making time I’ll just think, ‘What did Tony do?’.
      This will save me cash AND an embarassing evening of not remembering.

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