Smiles needed. Time for Aunty Acid.

It’s been a really sucky week. I so want to whine about my disintegrated tooth that I’ve had to wait until today to get fixed. However, compared to the other tragedies of the last five days I best keep quiet.

What I need now is an out spoken spokes person who is not afraid to speak her mind. No holding back. No mincing words. That’s right, Aunty Acid to the rescue with her acid tongue, keen observational skills and quick wit. She can set the record straight even if the record doesn’t need straightening.

Aunty Acid brains are awesome

Aunty Acid Never ever wrong

Aunty Acid organized or lazy

Aunty Acid five situps every morning

Aunty Acid waking up without glasses

Aunty Acid the discovery channel

Haven’t we all had similar thoughts? Except maybe for the Discovery Channel Challenge. That one is brilliant.

She never fails to make be smile.


I’ve been in love with Aunty Acid before she had so many friends. With the blessing of creator Ged Backland, I first shared her July 7, 2012 in My Favorite Aunty. Again Aunty came to the rescue with needed laughter on September 14, 2012 in Aunty Acid Revisited. My guess is Aunty’s popularity will limit her visiting time. However we are always welcome to run over and spend time at her house on Facebook if we need a laugh or two. 


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