The Perils of Getting Old.

Some think age and wisdom are synonymous. This is a vicious rumor perpetuated by old people who think they know everything. Like, saaay… ME. I’d be the first to tell you to brush your teeth everyday. Yes sir… good dental hygiene is important. But now I have my doubts.

lady brushing teeth with rollers in hairYou see, this morning I hummed a happy tune and smiled into the mirror as I brushed my semi-pearly whites, as I do everyday. I must say, after 60+ years I really don’t have to think the process through. But today, about five seconds into the routine my tongue found something hard and sharp rolling around in my mouth.

ACK!!! It was a piece of tooth! There was momentary panic before moving on to find which tooth the piece had defected from. The tongue searched in the area where the chunk was discovered and found nothing. I felt confident telling myself this was nothing serious. With alarm subsided I continued on.

It was later in the day my tongue, without being sent on the mission, found the tooth with the missing chunk. It was totally on the other side of the mouth and on the top-level facing out. As many times as I told the tongue not to, it continued to explore the new tooth cave. I knew I’d be calling the dentist first thing Monday morning.

Then it happened… I was by the stove cooking dinner minding my own business and BAM! A whole other section fell right out along with an old filling. I was standing in my own kitchen falling apart. Fear, nearing hysteria, was taking over.

With each touch of the tongue seeing Dr. Karin became more urgent. I’ve now programmed the phone putting the dentist’s number on speed dial and set the alarm clock for extra early to jockey for position to be the first caller of the morning.

I sincerely hope this isn’t what they mean by entering your second childhood.

But if it is, does anyone know if the Tooth Fairy makes return visits?

I sure hope so cause there are three pieces under my pillow and could really use the money…

Tooth Fairy

I have a dentist appointment to pay for.


6 thoughts on “The Perils of Getting Old.

  1. I have a lot of dental work in my mouth. For some reason, things fall out on Fridays. Always! So my tongue spends the weekend nuzzling with a new hole in my mouth while I am terrified to eat anything harder than pudding! I never thought about the tooth fairy but I’m gonna try that next time!

    • Morning Kate… I can relate to the eating dilemma which almost turns into a diet aid… suddenly I can resist all of my favorite foods. And is a tooth fairy visit considered taxable income? I haven’t seen a form for that… YET!

      • OMG, Nelly. I hope you get that appointment today. I’m not a fan of dentists, not the persons – the practice – & I hated when they practiced on my teeth. I’ve never seen the tooth fairy, BTW but I have put my own $ out in his stead to keep his myth going.

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