Time to tidy up the desk… again.

Messy can be a habit. I know this from first hand experience. My goal used to be to fix this problem. Oh to be inherently neat in all things.  Who wouldn’t want that? Yeah, me too… but I’ve changed my mind.

 As I write and read and research, random thoughts or ideas run through my head. Some I believe to be brilliant …that may or may not be evident here… just in case they are I don’t want to lose them. My solution is to jot these gems down and toss aside for the time being. Oh course I’ll get to them later…

As it turns out, it’s quite fun shuffling through them after some time has passed. These are a few attention grabbing scraps of paper found during yesterday’s tidy up session.

random thoughts on scraps of paper

The world is resisting my need to slow down.  Do all older people feel this way? Can’t we all just step back a take a deep breath and relax for a minute? Yes, this usually leads to a nap but I’m okay with that.

If you cannot be the Poet be the Poem!  Not sure what this means but pretty sure it’s profound. 

I am Gina’s Grand-daughter.  This is fact, just not sure why I decided it needed to be written.

” A brilliant mind is useless without a humble heart.” ~???  Still haven’t looked up who said this and now don’t know why I was looking.

livelifehappy.com / subscribe  I am and I did.

Little Miss Shifty-Eyes – Bugsy – Scooter – Weasy  The names of my cats… or my grandkids.

My level of maturity depends on who I’m with.  This is sadly or gloriously true.

I wanna be a pirate! I wanna be a princess!  A different interpretation of bi-polar?

Bacon is my favorite vegetable!  And chocolate is my second favorite.  

Cigar Box !?!  Yeah, I have no idea either.

A writer: Someone who drinks coffee and makes stuff up.  Describes me perfectly!

Blue eyes are for looking at, BROWN eyes are for looking into.  I have brown eyes therefore I think this to be true.

Being sold a bill of goods? You can lose weight without diet and exercise… Really? That pretty much leaves disease.  Nothing more to say about that.

“time to carpe the hell out of the diem”

And maybe while I’m doing that I’ll find some more brilliant thoughts to jot…

right after I play a little Words With Friends.

Carpe Diem scrabble


18 thoughts on “Time to tidy up the desk… again.

  1. I LOVE THESE!! Thank you for making me smile, then chuckle, finally, to laugh out loud & long. You do this often, even w/o the scraps of paper, today, however, I really, truly needed it! ♥♥​

  2. You made and make me smile too, Nelly. I have the same habit of jotting things on scraps of whatever and then wondering what they meant when I find them days later.

  3. I jot mine down electronically – and they’re still confusing. Thanks for the smiles, Nelly!
    Hope you figure out the cigar box…

    • Hi Margaret… Electronic jotting is becoming the norm I think.
      I’m not quite there yet. However the ‘keepers’ are stored in a word file.
      Someday they may find their way into a blog or story… who knows.

  4. So…what’s the deal. You been taking spy pictures of my desk? Although, I must admit it is getting better since I’m done with Boldly Bald Women. The notes and research and connect the dots chapter placement and yada, yada papers have been gathered and filed into a plastic bin for storage. Now there’s just the dictionary I’ve had since high school, its paperback cover worn off years ago, the credit card I used to order kelp fertilizer with , my Weight Watcher weekly pamphlet, my most important writing books held up by a copper horse book end, a paper weight, the Mt. Saint Helen’s ashes and the petrified wood your brother gave me. Not to mention pencils, pens, paper clips, a check book, calculator, stapler and hole punch, and the directions to a voice recorder I no longer own.

    Sigh…oh to be a tidy soul. Still, I know where everything is. Mostly. Ok, sometimes. Alright…the truth is, even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while.

  5. Thanks for sharing your notes–they are so much fun! I especially like–The world is resisting my need to slow down. My notes are boring–buy bread; answer email, etc.

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