In the Middle of the Night…

Not the song In the Middle of the Night by Billy Joel…

the actual middle of the night aka right now.

It’s dark. Very, very dark out. There are strange noises. I think it’s the neighbors. Yes, that is what I’m going to tell myself… noisy neighbors at 3:45am. I’d love to blame them for my wakefulness… (is that a word? wakefulness?) …but that wouldn’t be true. There are other issues going on.

Something is wrong with the back of my left hand. It hurts. Bad! And since nothing else is going on, I have laser focus on the pain. Did I hurt myself some how? Slug Hub in my sleep? Oh NO! Is it arthritis?

I am also experiencing some heartburn issues. Usually that little white Pepcid pill takes care of it. I suppose it would have if I have remembered to take it. I see it now, sitting over to my right, taunting me to beware of memory issues also.

And while I’m whining… my feet and ankles are swollen. What’s that all about.

So here I sit… in the middle of the night… the fumes of Icy/Hot clearing my sinuses, trying to decide whether to take the Pepcid so far off schedule, wondering why my feet are swollen, fearing memory loss and now I can’t get the song In the Middle of the Night out of my head. (btw: in my head I sound exactly like Billy Joel.)

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
From the mountains of faith
To the river so deep
I must be lookin’ for something
Something sacred I lost
But the river is wide
And it’s too hard to cross
even though I know the river is wide
I walk down every evening and stand on the shore
I try to cross to the opposite side
So I can finally find what I’ve been looking for

Through the fog of Icy/Hot I know exactly what I’m looking for…

 MY YOUTH … and now I’m looking for some sleep.


9 thoughts on “In the Middle of the Night…

  1. Good job you ended with the line about going back to bed or I’ be calling you. This post pinged into my Inbox about 15 minutes after my alarm went (@ 5:15, an obscene time of day for an alarm clock–mine plays the theme from Jaws–very appropriate, somehow) Wish I was there to hug you up tight. Guess I’ll have to be satisfied with virtual ones (((u))) and sending lots of warm thoughts & detailed prayers. ♥♥

    PS: Thanks a bunch for sticking me with a Billy Joel song in my head all day! Why is his songs are the equivalent of your brain stepping in chewing gum–can’t get rid of the tune for HOURS :::wink::: ッ

  2. I went to high school with Billy Joel, but never hung out with him in the middle of the night. I’d often go to dances where his band was playing and the guitarist and drummer who were my friends said that Billy wouldn’t come hang out because he was always home practicing his piano. That paid off!

    I think Billy’s hips are hurting him now, so maybe you heard him sighing in the middle of the night along with you.

  3. I can hear it now although I didn’t hear it when I was up in the middle of the night yesterday having given up trying to sleep without waking myself coughing every 20 minutes. My solution was to order my groceries online.
    I hope you have a better night tonight.

  4. Ellen, my dear, how’s your salt intake? Before you worry, try eating a bunch of cucumbers and mushrooms and asparagus. They are all natural diuretics. And, when, pray tell, was your last complete physical?????

    I say this only because Mike was shredding old papers and the dust triggered and asthma attack. Since they are harder to endure as I get older, I caved, went to the doc and did the steroid, codeine cough medicine thing, along with various inhalers. The doc had me do a breathing test. Turns out that in the middle of an asthma attack I have the lungs of a 77 year old woman. I think I’ll recheck next month. Still…makes me wonder how old the rest of my 62 year old body is. We’ve got to take care of what we’ve got if we’re going to keep it as long as we can. That’s both sucky and true.

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