Does your to-do list make the grade?

To Do List NothingWe all have our own systems of keeping track of tasks needing attention. Some, I’ve heard can actually remember entire lists without the help of paper and pen. I am not one of those and have never known someone with this skill. I think this is folklore.

My lists have evolved over time. I have done the daily lists starting with items needing attention most, restructuring the next day items untouched… which pretty much meant reshifting the whole list, only to redo the whole thing on day three. I’ve done the three a day lists and the weekly lists. And my all time favorite…. put it on the list after completion list. This type of list is a feel good list, not necessarily a get it done list.

I now employ the on-going list. Items needing attention are added to the bottom while previous items wait for attention. On the third day an item gets a red arrow to bring attention to it. Then, as soon as a page is completed, it is tossed. It is ever evolving and never really completed, however, for me at this time, it is working pretty good.

This Do-List was the center of attention at the end of last week. Grandkiddos, Weasy and Scooter were out of school and with me. I was checking over my list as Scooter entered the house with a set agenda, eat and bug me until we head out to his house. I used my do-list as a shield. This is real life I told him… chores before play. Reluctantly he joined in…

One of the most dreaded item for all of us, was the grocery store run, which was made worse by driving all the way to the store only to find out we’d left the list at home. ARGH… In we went anyway determined to do our best.

Home again, we unpacked the car and I put the groceries away. Weasy, sure something had been forgotten, checked items off the list as they were shoved on shelves.

It was then that Weasy decided to grade my do-list as if I was in school.

Graded To-Do List Today I already get to cross off ‘visit blog’.

Next item: bills. (must avoid red arrow on this one)


14 thoughts on “Does your to-do list make the grade?

  1. I do best with a list but keep an ongoing one as you do. Somehow wanting to throw the paper out makes me do the stuff that usually got transferred to the new list. Hey, whatever works!

  2. Oh, Ellen. Just exactly how do you know the inside secrets of my To Do List? The only difference is mine is on a year long day planner that has either weeks of blank days – when I’ve lost the planner – or days of unfinished lists with half checks, forwarding arrows, and top priority items reclassified to yesterday’s wannabe news. The advantage of the year long planner versus the single sheets of paper thrown away when completed (or full) is that I get to look back at all I haven’t done, feel guilty and berate myself for wasting my life a year at a time, for which I pay a premium in dollars and remorse and put profit in some do-gooder’s pocket. At least somebody benefits from my To Do List.

    • Nooooo… Those blank spaces and unchecked items should not produce guilt… especially for you girlfriend. Especially when the end result was a published book. We’ve modified Flylady to fit our own needs. Like Kate says, whatever works.

  3. one of the BEST parts about High Tech Living is: i ALWAYS have my grocery list with me – on my PHONE. i also have my To READ book list, my To WATCH movie list, and my To Listen MUSIC list. this prevents insanity in the form of many piles with many pieces of paper crying out for my attention. of course paper still INFILTRATES by way of the US Mail but at least i keep what’s important in my pocket! xo

  4. Well, now that I have a handy-dandy custom-made notebook (♥♥) for NOTES, I have found that I am loving a return to jotting down ideas and book titles in it–you know, the old fashioned way. As for grocery lists, I use my computer to make them for the Hub–as long as I am detailed in my descriptions (not just: onions, but red or yellow or white onions, etc) we have a pretty good system worked out. My TBR & TBW items are not on a list, alas. (Great idea, Lori) but stacked in a specific bookshelf in my room. Oh well (::sigh::) They ARE in alphabetical order! ……I think what I really need is a granddaughter like Weasy to cheer along my methods! =)

  5. YOu really make me laugh, and remind me of my husband (a very good thing, believe it or not). I love lists, but can’t hold a candle to all the ones he has around the house! I read this post to him and he got a kick out of it!

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