The Impact of Holy Week…

Sometimes it’s hard to be light-hearted in the midst of seriousness. This is one of those times for me. My head has been churning ideas to share, however, all would come to an abrupt stop in front of a road closed sign in my brain. I got the message, this is one of those times being the class clown isn’t going to work for me.

I have another blog which I have left mostly dormant, preferring to play instead over here in the When All Is Said And Done world. But my heart has been tugged. The Spirit said “Come back. Your roots are here.” If there is anything I’ve learned… Don’t mess with the Spirit of God. He’s holding all the aces… and the rest of the deck for that matter.

So I will share today thoughts from Excavating The Blessing.

 I’m sure I’ll be able to come out and play again soon. Holy Week Lily and Cross


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