Boldly Bald Women by Pam Fitros

I must tell you about a friend, a condition, a cause and a book.

The friend is Pam Fitros. She has a condition called Alopecia. Pam has taken up the cause to educate and edify others and has authored the book… Boldly Bald Women. Release date… March 22, 2013. That would be… NOW!!! The minute you are done reading this please run over to Amazon and order.

ellen and pam 1994

ellen and pam

Pam Fitros and I have a history. We met the weekend of June 25, 1994 in Arlington, Texas. Pam arrived from Michigan to see her nephew Bob get married. I arrived from Washington state to watch Hub give his sister Nan away to Bob. (Isn’t this every brothers dream, giving their sister away?) Weddings are full of gift giving. Pam and I walked away with the gift of friendship.

Over the years we have weathered the ups and downs of marriage, motherhood and some of lifes hardest knocks… the latest being Alopecia. Alopecia simply means, hair loss or baldness. But this is where the simple ends. There is no way to sugar coat this story. Some hurdles Pam faced were so high, my end of the phone or email was washed with tears and prayers. (To be fair, we shared some good laughs along the way also. That’s just the way we roll.)

Boldly Bald Pam

Pam today

I knew nothing about alopecia until Pam’s experience. I remember vividly her frustrations at loosing clumps of hair, dealing with workplace discrimination and family pressure. Add to this the fight for self acceptance and it is a battle that could take most people down. Fortunately for us this is not where her story ends.

Pam is a special gift to life. Her spirit continues to shine with wisdom and fortitude…

She is unstoppable.

Boldly Bald Women coverToday I get to celebrate with my beautifully bald friend as she launches her book… Boldly Bald Women… available through Amazon. If you know (or are) a woman who is dealing with any type of hair loss, Pam’s words are just the support needed.

What a gift I was given at that wedding back in 1994. What a gift we are all given today.

Note: It was an honor to be asked to write a cover blurb… and I want it to be known, the irony did not go unnoticed. The top corner tag ‘non-fiction health’, two areas I’m not known for has caused a few eyes to roll. Now, you need to click the link above to see my blurb. And while you’re there…    buy the book.


7 thoughts on “Boldly Bald Women by Pam Fitros

    • Oh Jamie… We have praised Poppa many times.
      We all need at least on friendship which we feel totally comfortable. 🙂

      And I wanted to tell you… I now own 18 Things.
      My to-be-read pile continues to grow. 😉

  1. I have two friends with mild hair loss — the kind where you can see the scalp but there is hair there. They have been through all kinds of otc treatments and shampoos all guaranteed to work. Of course, to date nothing has. The ironic thing is that women are very attached to their hair. Their identity is tied up there. I remember the first thing I asked when I was told I had breast cancer many years ago was not “will I live” but “will I lose my hair.” Seems really stupid doesn’t it?

      • I have thought alot lately about ‘hair’ and ‘women’….and no, your question about losing hair was not stupid. So much of our appearance focus is on our “crowning glory” …our hair. We’ve been conditioned to think our hair defines us as men have that their jobs define them. Neither is true. It’s the heart that is the true ‘crowning glory’ of a person.

        And the nose hair comment?
        Totally Pam… she is a one in a million spirit.

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  3. Thanks, Ellen. To the moon and back girlfriend, to the moon and back. About those nose hairs – a now dear friend who I met during this project told me her story about the importance of nose hair. She was riding down the freeway on a motorcycle behind her husband. They hit about 72 mph when her nostrils began flapping like fish gills. Who knew nose hair are the crossbeams of nostrils to keep our poor noses from flapping in the breeze!

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