All the best intentions…

As I snuggled into my flannel sheets Friday night readying myself for a relaxing weekend I heard the most frightening words which can be uttered in this house. With a voice of satisfaction the Hub said, “I have a surprise planned for you in the morning.”

For most this would set a heart flipping with joy. For me this set my heart flipping with dread and worry. Hub’s surprises were seldom, if ever, completely thought out. I know this. I’m pretty sure he knows this. It stops me dead in my tracks. But not the Hub.

Food ProcessorI don’t know when Hub started his project exactly, but I do know precisely when I woke to the sound of the food processor. Wait a minute… I didn’t even know Hub knew we had one. For him kitchens are magical. You want food and it appears.  He has a vague notion of what a grocery store is. And the best magic happens at night, when you go to bed the next morning it is cleaned. So of course if he sees something on television it will translate perfectly to real life. I love his innocent belief… sometimes.

Anyway…frightened as to what could be going on in my, yes MY kitchen, I hurried out of bed. I found Hub whirling raw potatoes into a type of chunky mush. Potato peelings doting the sink and counter. Bacon sizzling in the oven. Seeing me he voiced his frustration. Seeing the once clean kitchen in chaos I chose not to voice mine.

coffee cupFirst I reminded him that all morning meals start with coffee. That started I found out his mission… Potato Latkes. He’d seen it on the The Food Channel

Finding my recipe we started over. Hub stumbling through the process, me biting my tongue. After I made coffee, saved the bacon, fried the eggs we sat down to my surprise breakfast and Hub’s comment…”they made it look so easy on TV.” I linked my little finger around his, resting our hands on the table reminding him that the difference was his meal was full of love.

potato latkes

Why am I bringing all this up now? I just got the kitchen clean.

And yes… I hid the food processor.


4 thoughts on “All the best intentions…

  1. Dear, dear, Ellen. I’ll tell you one thing writing this book has done for me along with Mike’s semi-retirement. He has learned how to prepare dishes for the dishwasher and clean the kitchen and make breakfast on occasion. Problem is, now that I’m done, I don’t want to go back. But Terry in the kitchen cooking? Terry-fying! I love you girlfriend. And Terry, that was BIG LOVE. You can cook for me anytime.

  2. Reminds me of when the step kids (who are in their 40s) come visiting. It’s never peaceful. They fry bacon, steam clams, anything that’s messy and stinky they will cook. Most of the stuff I wouldn’t touch with a 2 ft pole but they like it. When they leave I sterilize the kitchen!

  3. You crack me up!! I read this once . . . the second time was to my hubs. I can sooo relate to this story:-) I did make Potato Latkes one Easter when I wanted at least one tradional Jewish dish–they were quite a bit of work!

  4. Thanks for sharing this great story! My wife (of almost 18 years) does most of the cooking in our family, except for breakfasts and BBQing… that’s about the extend of my culinary abilities! And – we’re both okay with that… bless you today!

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