Quinoa vs Cap’n Crunch

quinoaI’ve lived all of my life, up till a year ago, without any knowledge of Quinoa. Life moved along effortlessly. The sun rose in the morning and set in the evening. I laughed, I cried, I ate and I lived a darn good life. Then Quinoa showed up. Or rather, it was presented to me as the miracle food which would make my life not only tastier but healthier. Sure, throw the health card into the mix. Which, by the way, is only second to life’s guilt card.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
At a family gathering once I had a bite of a very flavorful and tasty Quinoa salad. Okay, I thought, maybe these seedy things are better than they look. So I bought a bag of the tiny pellets. After research I learned how to prepare the little morsels but I had no tried and true recipe to use it in. No matter how many times I asked, the salad recipe never came my way. That was a year ago.

With an expiration date approaching, time had come to do more research. I needed recipes and I needed them now. My search produced Puffed Quinoa Peanut Butter Balls? No! Quinoa Taco Salad? Oh… NO! Warm Quinoa & Kale Salad? Absolutely Not! Broccoli Quinoa Quesadillas? I don’t think so. Then I found the Quinoa Breakfast Bowl. It actually looked kind of good with berries, nuts and honey added. It certainly wasn’t of the same caliber as Cap’n Crunch breakfast but it had possibilities. Maybe I’ll try it soon. I’m just not sure…

besides, I think this quinoa hoopla is just a passing fad… just like the internet.

In the End We Only Regret


6 thoughts on “Quinoa vs Cap’n Crunch

  1. They’re good in soup…you can barely see them if you put lots of vegetables in with them. Now, winter wheat berries? They’re the bomb in fat free Greek yogurt…as long as you put in enough fruit to make the chewing time worth the effort.

    • So Pammy, you’re telling me they are best when disguised? LOL
      And thanks for throwing another new item at me to be perplexed about… what’s a winter wheat berry? Never mind… I’m not going there anyway.

  2. I am not a fan of quinoa. Perhaps I just didn’t have it prepared correctly. I do like grains like barley and rice. My daughter in law is an “eccentric” cook so whenever we visit we have all sorts of stuff we never heard of. Some of it is good but most of it needs to be pushed around the plate and tucked under something until the dog comes near. None of the recipes ever make it home. We sneak out for a pizza lunch when we go to visit.

  3. Quinoa, I still don’t know how to properly pronounce it: kin-wa, kwin-wa, keen-wa? My first experience with eating it was this January; however, it was so smothered in other ingredients that I don’t know what it’s real taste is. 🙂

    • Janet… I think we should make a rule that we can’t eat anything we can’t pronounce. Like you, the salad I tasted had so many other flavors attached that come to think of it possibly the quinoa was an unnecessary ingredient.

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