Plug-Ins and Passwords.

I came to today from a different era.

I grew up in an old farmhouse with very few electrical outlets, one television in the livingroom and a telephone tethered to the kitchen wall. Life was simple then. I say all this at the risk of harassment from grandkiddos who don’t understand how confusing having more than an on/off button can be.

Power strip plug-inOver time Hub and I have progressed. We now live in a house with a couple more televisions, cable boxes, four house phones, computers, routers, printers, paper shredder, cell phones, Nooks and Kindles. Not to mention the normal daily fair of lamps, coffee makers, electric razors, blow dryers and flat irons and radio alarm clocks. I could go on…

Our problem… we still live in an older home and electrical outlets are still at a premium although the need continues to grow.

I thought this was a huge problem until another cropped up.

While the laptop is plugged in I have a tendency to click my way around the internet. Fun stuff. I learn a lot. I also get shocked a lot. There is also a lot I don’t believe. Have I ever told you about my love of Facebook and Slingo? Seems wherever you roam online you are requested to sign in and create a password. This used to be easy.

The problem? I’ll let Don Friesen explain it…

What a relief … we are normal.


12 thoughts on “Plug-Ins and Passwords.

    • Kate… My first time watching this I had to stop several times to get my breath back and wipe the laugh tears from my eyes. The good news is that we CAN relate… safety in numbers!

  1. You owe me ANOTHER new keyboard. Coffee sprayed all the heck over it–coffee even coming out my nose, but you don’t have to buy me one of those! One day I will learn to NEVER read your blog while drinking coffee!! OMG, laughing so hard. Thank you for the laughter part, though my keyboard will never be the same. Just sayin’….♥

    • Mer… How about if I buy you some Saran Wrap and when you feel major laughter rising you can pull it out across your keyboard. That’s my ‘low key’ aka cheap solution. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. So true!! Work is even worse – I have 36 different sites/passwords to keep track of. I finally gave up on trying to remember them a few years ago and keep them in a list in a file, but I’m not telling where that files is. No sir-ee.

  3. Okay, being normal is good. And laughing about it is even better. But now I need hints on how to remember. 🙂

  4. Ellen – thank you so much for sharing that video… I had never heard of him before, but that was definitely laugh out loud funny! Blessings to you today…

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