Oscar night, and the winner is…

I’d been hearing talk. People giving their opinion on who should win. Best movie? Supporting actress? Music? Wait a minute, don’t all movies use Jimmy Durante’s Make Someone Happy? Well, I know all my favorite movies do.

I am not a big movie watcher. Never have been. I can’t even sit through a full movie in my own livingroom. What I have found out is, as I age my time has become more precious to me. I’m okay with not knowing who is in what or even what what is. (Yes, I are a writer and that sentence be proof.)

To even further expose myself as unworldly, I will admit that I don’t know who 90% of the actors and actresses are anymore. They have names and faces I don’t recognize. And amazingly this makes absolutely no difference in my life. And when you think about it… they don’t know me either.

So this evening as Hub got up to go to bed he turned the television to the Oscars and handed me the remote before heading down the hallway. Thanking him I turned the volume down, again and again until I finally just turned the whole television off.

Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett

Ahhh… there I sat in my chair, slippered feet up, light over my shoulder, cup of coffee on the end table and in my hands Ann Patchett’s Truth and Beauty, a friendship.

 Nothing tops an evening with a good book.

Yes, its Oscar night, and the winner is…. ME!


4 thoughts on “Oscar night, and the winner is…

  1. Ahhh, that’s my girl. I get the desire to have hard work recognized by peers. And, although I enjoy watching movies, there truly is nothing like a cup of something warm, a cozy chair, soft light and a good book.

    • Pammy, you are right. We all have the desire to be recognized. But I find the Oscars and most other award shows (especially since they all seem to involve the same actors and singers) manufactured. A sincere complement holds far more weight in my book. And I know some excellent writers, you being one. Soon it will be YOUR book I’m curled up with. 😉

  2. Oh my. I think we are sisters. It’s really hard to get me to watch a movie, even at home, because I have things to do (like reading a book or blogging). Just like you I don’t know the new actors/actresses and haven’t seen any of the movies voted on last night. I did watch the Oscars just for the pageantry, humor and fashion. Sometimes I fear that as I get older I am getting disconnected with youth. Who is Justin Bieber anyway and why on earth is he so rich? Did he discover a cure for cancer? Or maybe that the earth is really flat? Or some theory that will make mankind a better place. I do appreciate that some of the actors/actresses that end up really rich do help mankind in some ways. Opps, I’m digressing, the bane of writers everywhere.

    • Yes!!! We have our priorities and I think as we mature our standards change… for the better. Acting is not the same as curing diseases. And what about the ego factor? I can’t imagine the average person orchestrating an award show for their professions although they have a lot more impact on my life. When the ‘Plumbers Plunger Awards’ come on… I’ll be watching, cause I will definitely have a need for them some day. Now I digress. 😉

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