Spontaneous Friday and Basketball

Spontaneity. Some say this is the key to a long, enjoyable marriage. Then there are some like me who would like a little warning when spontaneity is about to erupt. Because it hasn’t happened around here for several years, I was caught off guard Friday afternoon when the Hub called from work with a question…

“You want to go to a basketball game tonight?”

high school basketball hoopKnowing my dislike of basketball, I figured he had a death wish. But he really wanted to go, mumbled something about district playoffs, and well, I really love him so I said “sure”. What I didn’t know was it wasn’t OUR district he was referring to.

My head had created a little walk down the block to our neighborhood high school. Nope, we needed to hop in the car, drive north for over an hour up the freeway, past my friend Sheryl’s house all the way to Chehalis. Hub has arriving early down to an art so we had lots of time to fill… On the scene arrives MY spontaneous suggestion. Up the road a tad was Centralia and the Factory Outlet Mall.

After packing two new pairs of shoes into the car we headed back to W.F. West High School where parking was a nightmare. At this point I had my shoes and was more than willing to head for home. Hub wasn’t budging. We were going to watch some grassroots basketball at its finest.

After buying our ‘senior’ discount tickets and having a 16-year-old proclaim that she has never heard anyone excited about being old before (her turns coming) we entered the hot, crowded, noisy gym only to have to climb bleacher stairs… which for me is equivalent to being a Flying Wallenda on a tightrope over Niagara Falls.

Toledo Indians buttonI settled myself in behind the Toledo Indians basketball team. Across the court sat their adoring fans… except for five screaming girls who had escaped and were sitting behind us. While the Hub and some guys from work enjoyed the game, since they knew some of the players, I spent much of my time texting my friend Sheryl, at first hoping she was there since she lives in Toledo and this was her team… but soon ending up envying her relaxing in her peaceful home… my Friday night rut of choice.

As a writer, I decided observation was my goal of the night… that and bugging Sheryl with texts till she begged me to quit. (She never did.)  The Toledo team was top of the line classy. Their uniforms were smart, the boys groomed, the coaches respectful. The pep band peppy. The cheerleaders adorable, athletic and fun. The students NOISEY.

Kalama Chinooks LogoThe Hub was there mainly to watch Kalama. Who knew?

I made the best of our spontaneous evening. I walked away with dinner out, two pairs of shoes, knowledge of all Toledo cheers and possible hearing loss.

In case you’re wondering. Toledo won 60 to 49 …and no,  I still don’t like basketball and yes, a $2 ticket discount is worth getting excited about…

Toledo Indiana mascot

…16 year olds have much to learn.

BTW: My hearing has almost returned.


6 thoughts on “Spontaneous Friday and Basketball

  1. You are awfully good to that man of yours to spend a perfectly good winter Friday night rut at a basket ball game out of town. New shoes, however, do tip the balance more toward center.

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