Self-control is highly overrated.

Actually, self-control is a very good quality to have. In some cases it can save your life. Say you are on a mountain yodeling. The ski patrol happens by to tell you there is a huge snowy overhang above your head and you need to stop your outrageous noise making before it triggers an avalanche. Even though you now have the urge to belt out your rendition of the Ricola commercial, self-control kicks in to save you and everyone else on the mountain.

AbibliophobiaToday I was not on the mountain. I was shopping for a book. No big deal, right? My son is reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and highly recommended it to me. The book has been around since 1957 and I see it all the time while out book browsing… until today, because now I’m looking for it.

While running errands I stopped at every thrift store I passed and a couple I had to go out of my way to pass. I scoured the shelves for the hidden treasure that today wasn’t to be found. But hey, it wasn’t all a waste of time. Even though right now I’m surrounded by eleven bookshelves stuffed with about a billion words, I decided these books below needed to be added to the mix.

Buying books  Self-control has no place in the pursuit of book purchasing.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


14 thoughts on “Self-control is highly overrated.

  1. I am printing this out (after enlarging & bolding the font) and hanging it over my desk and taping it to all my bookcases.

    And if that doesn’t stop the snarky remarks every time a book arrives via Amazon, I will tape a copy to all his tool boxes and leather-craft projects and supplies.

    And if that STILL doesn’t work, I will also tape a copy to each and every arrow he is fletching in his workshop.

    In short, you have provided me with the words I need to combat his overblown bibliophobic ways! I’m (almost) certain he won’t remember that you were the one who wrote this missive when/if you come stay at MY house (it IS your turn)…..We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
    <<> ♥♥♥♥

  2. Ellen, this is delightful! You know my Greek hates to read (I know! How did a compulsive reader/writer get hooked up with bibliophobic?) Perhaps I should put this on line when I get the launch date for Boldly Bald Women. Have I told you recently what a great writer you are becoming? So much packed into so few but perfect words.

    • Hey Pammy… Of course you know there will be a NEW post dedicated just to Boldly Bald Women. Right? Complete with pictures! I love your Greek… reader or not.
      And thanks for the words of encouragement. (((love you)))

    • High-fivin’ the members of the Zero Self-Control When It Comes To Books club members… And Jamie, just a reminder… You’ve been kind of busy writing your own book, getting published, teaching and raising a family. Just sayin’

  3. Don’t you just love Ann Patchett? I discovered her last summer with ‘State of Wonder’ and am devouring ‘bel canto.’ 🙂 (Well that and Jamie’s ’18 Things’ 😉 )
    Keep us posted on your progress with this delightful stack of books!

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  5. Great blog, Nelly. I have little or no self control when it comes to books, hardcover or Kindle. I NEED to have words to read stashed where I can find them to ease my brain. And I have discovered Ann Patchett recently, have read Patron Saint of Liers and have purchased Run. She is an awesome wordsmith. And so are you, girl!

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