Game On!!! Time to Party…

Chips and DipSunday, February 3, 2013. That’s right, set out the chips and dips, gather your friends and family cause… It’s time to CELEBRATE! Noooo… not football. I’m talking about my Super Bowl of Blogging accomplishment.

One year ago today I willed my shaky finger to click the publish button. The first of one hundred thirteen posts. Oh my stars… that’s a post every (let’s see, 365 days, take the 1, put it over there, bring down that number, this number goes) few days.

I have played hard. Made some brilliant word combinations. Semi-Conquered my fear of looking foolish. I still look foolish cause I am who I am. I just deal with it better.

Over 11,000 pairs of peepers have stopped in to have a look around. Which proves how easy it is to get lost while clicking around on the internet. The highest traffic day bringing 164 people by. Everyone must have been lost on that day. Wonder what they were all looking for.

The years blogging highlight for me was winning $100 worth of Starbucks goodness with the Blogging for Coffee… a Tribute post. When it comes to accolades and accomplishments, this doesn’t look to shabby on a resume. Just sayin’

To all the blogging community, friends and family (I’m talking about the family I’ve managed to guilt into coming by to read) who have sent words of encouragement… I can’t thank you enough. You’ve been a blessing.

San Francisco 49er logoNow about that other minor event happening today. Yeah… that football thingy that seems to be a big deal. I don’t really care about the outcome, however, if the 49ers happen to pull a win, one person in this house will be doing a happy dance… I’ll try to get pictures.

Now… where are those snacks…

18 thoughts on “Game On!!! Time to Party…

  1. Ellen, dear heart, I am glad you pressed that button on your first blog. I love reading them. You have wit and humor and your blogs are so much fun to read.

    To the moon and back, baby, to the moon and back.

    • Aww Pammy…
      Even through the trenches Poppa God’s been good to us, eh?
      I’m blogging and you are publishing books. (I knew it would happen.)
      Coffee on your front porch served by the Greek.
      That is my next dream.

  2. Y O U T O T A L L Y R O C K !!!
    Congratulations, Sis. what a great accomplishment! I am so stinkin’ proud of you. I always suspected that should have your own column (ala Bombeck) but blogging is to newspaper columnists as typewriters are to computers. You ARE riding the wave of the current & the future–and doing so with wit, grace, and aplomb! Wish there was a high-five smiley that would embed on this comment–but alas! So high-fiving you in spirit and hugging you close to my heart, you writer, you. ♥♥♥♥

  3. Congrats – this is a reason to celebrate. Your blogs combine humor and common sense and sing loud in my heart. Keep on blogging and filling out world with smiles.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I somehow missed that coffee post, but that is AWESOME!!! I love coffee almost as much as I love books. People could pay me with coffee for my book and I wouldn’t mind. Not one bit!

  5. Happy anniversary, Ellen! I love reading your blog. You were born for this.

    I am transitioning to WordPress myself — but am daunted by trying to learn posting on my own. The plan is to repost my backlog from Alameda Patch, then move ahead and post the new memoirs I’m writing now. But it’s a slow process.

    • Nan… I just found this.
      I understand the daunted feeling. Just keep typing and posting and let me know when you are up and running. I will be your first follower… if I can get there fast enough. Your memories will find an appreciative audience.

  6. Congratulations. My only Starbucks posts have been raking them over the coals. I guess they don’t give cards for that. Happy anniversary and my you have many more.

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