Grandma’s Brag… Wall?

I’m not sure my Gram had a picture of me that she carried around to dangle in front of her friends so she could brag. Actually, not sure there was anything to brag about, so what was the point. But times progressed and I produced.

Grandmas Brag BookThat’s when my Mom became a Grandma. And she had one of those nifty ‘Grandmother Brag Books’ she could tuck in her purse. Being it was handy, I’m sure while at the beauty salon, sitting under the hair dryer, (We’re going back a few years here, can you tell?) she would bring out her bevy of boy pictures (She had five grandsons.) as a conversation starter. Okay, I’m probably just making that part up. My Mom needed no props to start a conversation. But I know she had a brag-book because I gave her one for her birthday once. And regifting hadn’t been invented yet… or at least not acknowledged and accepted like it is now.

Okay… Time has moved on again and now I’m the Gammy-Gramster-Grandma. Give me a chance to tell you about my kiddos and you better have some time on your hands… or be able to free up your schedule cause… these days we keep our pictures on our phones. Not just one or two but… HUNDREDS!!!

Well anyway, last week I posted about my new project of using artist canvas and pictures and Mod Podge and… well, if you want to know the process go take a peek at my last post. …after a week of sneaking to the basement to clip, paint, dry, Mod Podge and dry some more, I finally finished.

This is the BEFORE….

Wall display grandkids Before

This is the AFTER

Wall Display Grandkids After

♫ ta daaaaa ♫  . . .    Grandma’s Brag Wall

If you do happen to end up sitting at my table with a cup of coffee in front of you, chances are you’ll get to hear about the Mama-to-be, the flautist, the football player, the model, the gamer, the police cadet and the cutest four-year-old to walk this planet. This has been a fun project. Hope you enjoyed the outcome. I know I sure did.

BTW: I have a picture of this on my phone also. I’m such a good Gammy.


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