The business of being crafty.

I really don’t like the phrase “If I can do it, you can too.” But then this is usually added to the end of someone’s huge weight loss success story. Sadly, I have no such story. However, while doing my latest creative activity the thought did go through my head… “this is so easy anyone could do it.”

This super simple crafty project of adhering a picture to an artist’s canvas will WOW the socks off your friends and family. I’m sure my crafty rating is about to soar, and yours could too. Here is how…

Canvas Picture Supplies

 You will need an artist canvas (mine is 8×10), black (or color of your choice) acrylic paint, Mod Podge and Clear Matte Finish.

 Print a full-page size picture. Mine were done on regular sheets of cardstock. Can’t get much cheaper than that. Following instructions on can, spray matte finish on picture. This will seal ink so it won’t smear when Mod Podge is applied. This is a VERY important step. I learned the hard way…

Canvas Edges and Pin Tip

Paint edges of canvas. Tip: Place push pins in each corner to allow all over drying without sticking to surfaces. I have extensive experience trying to pry newsprint off of dried paint. ARGH…..

Cut picture to size of canvas. I chose to round the corners to hide my imperfect cutting skills.

Adhere picture to canvas

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to canvas and adhere picture. Let dry completely. If the edges decide to curl up, continue to lightly rub fingers around the edges to let it know you mean business.

Smudging the border

I chose to dab more black paint around the perimeter to soften the edges. Okay, one picture wasn’t straight and it bugged me. So this technique helped even it out. But I ended up liking it. I love a happy ending.

After all paint dries, apply a  thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire canvas including sides. Let dry and add a second coat.

print pictures on canvas

When done, hang with 3M Removable Wall Mounts and brace yourself for exclamations of wonderment at your talent.

Three done, four grand-kiddos to go. I love how these are turning out. And by the way, this idea and the push-pin idea were all found on Pinterest. Turns out my time there was well spent after all.


8 thoughts on “The business of being crafty.

  1. ELLEN! These are BEYOND COOL! (An exclamation of wonderment at your talent, girlfriend!!!) Best presents ever! I can see a wall full tracking yearly growth – even several smaller ones on one canvas with edge treatment the way you did it the effect would be amazing. Sheesh. You’re good. Really good. Great writing, great project, terrific pictures. Lucky children and grandchildren to have someone in their lives who will take the time to make something so special.

  2. ♥YOU♥ARE♥THE♥BOMB♥ Can’t wait to try this…..I wonder which of Mike’s ship paintings is going to have to get the deep-six so I can have enough wall space to put all five of the lil guys up!

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