It’s official… I’m a sheeple.

Will power can take one only so far. By nature, as humans we are weak. If this weren’t so we’d be prancing around the Garden of Eden totally ignoring the apple tree and that darn snake at this very moment.

None of this is any surprise to God, we are, after all, refered to in the Bible as sheep. And these astoundingly cute critters (Hey, if I’m going to be likened to one I’m going to put a good spin on it.) are known to blindly follow without thought. (Yeah, that’s the part that bugs me too.)

Sometimes I do well at keeping my resolve. Most times my resolve fads into the background as temptation, with that half-smile and eye twinkle, sashays by crooking her finger at me with the gesture to follow…

SELF: Tell yourself NO. NOW! Look away… Don’t you waste enough time on Facebook and playing Slingo? (Self sighs and shakes her head as she tries one more time to keep me in line.)

ME: Well of course I do. I’m a champion procrastinator. You haven’t seen me around here blogging much lately have you? (I glance over at self.) I rest my case. (Ha.. I love having the upper hand on self. I knew I was coming across a bit smug but sheesh.. sometimes she’s so self-righteous.)   

SELF: You say that as if you don’t care and that it’s an honor to be a time waster. (Hands on hips, head tilted down and cocked to the side, eyes glaring at me… oh yeah, the intimidation stance. Like that’s going to work.)

ME: (Dang, I hate when self throws thoughts like that at me.) I know, there is always something better I could be doing. But all I want to do is go over, take a look around one more time. I really don’t get how it works or the fascination. It’s no big deal…

And off I went to Pinterest with every intention of just looking around and coming right back.

But wait… that recipe looks delicious and ohhh, I love that saying. I’ll scroll down just a little farth…. oh my stars, look what I could do with some old door knobs…. too many crafty ideas to just leave behind.

And that’s how it all began. Just a little innocent looking around. First one board was created… then another… and suddenly there were nine pinning boards. Don’t tell self, but I don’t regret a one of them. They are fun and inspiring and now I get the fascination.

Pinterest, Don't bother me I'm pinning

So if you can’t find me on Facebook, or over playing Slingo, you might try looking over at my Pinterest page. Whatever you do, don’t bother looking in the laundry room, I certainly won’t be there… I have procrastinating to do.


6 thoughts on “It’s official… I’m a sheeple.

  1. Better a sheeple than a goatle!! You are very good at procrastinating cos you have are creative and have LOTS of ways to spend your time. ♥♥♥♥

  2. The internet is a wonderful way to waste time;-) Look me up on Pinterest . . . you can even pin my book cover! You can’t tell I’m excited, can you? LOL–love your convo with yourself!

    • Jamie… I’ll be right over to visit on my next procrastination session.
      You have every right to be excited about “18 Things”.
      I shall have to start a new board with all the books of my writer friends. 😉

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