Straight No Chaser…

…Yes, wild woman that I am, this is how I order a glass of milk. It also happens to be the name of a favorite singing group of mine.

My personal discovery of this A cappella group, Straight No Chaser happened two years ago. Always on the cutting edge, I looked to see if they were coming to town only to find they had just been here and left. (ARGH) Not to be deterred I waited. Llast year as a surprise I bought tickets for my son and I. But, I got sick and had to give up my ticket. Son and daughter-in-love had a great time AND brought me three CD’s which are well used. (I highly recommend clicking the link above and again on the homepage music player as you read. That’s what I’m doing now!)

A week ago my son asked if Straight No Chaser would be back again this year. Being upbeat and optimistic I rolled my eyes and said, probably not. A day later I laid in bed trying to ignore the alarm clock when I heard the announcer run down a list of coming attractions. ACK…They’re here Tuesday? Moving faster than a speeding bullet I got to the computer and found tickets (good tickets) still available. I took this as a sign. Within minutes four tickets were MINE!!!

Straight No Chaser concert, Portland, OregonFast forward to Tuesday, November 27th… with my daughter-in-love as a date (Hub flaked out on me.) along with my son and his beautiful wife we settled in for the show. Here’s proof… we are about a half inch up the center aisle, right side of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. (I’m wearing blue.)

Oh wait, I forgot, maybe you can’t see me. Just before the show started a man about eight feet tall came and sat right in front of me. From that point on I never had a full view of the stage. My game plan was to lean over into Linda’s seat when needed. That’s when they announced videoing their concerts is ENCOURAGED. Mr. Tallman just happened to have his phone handy… which he held up in my little window of viewing area. After listening to the show while watching on this fella’s phone I started praying…

Lord… could you PLEASE make Mr. Tallman’s phone battery die and his head fall off? I knew it was a long shot but you never know unless you ask. BTW: God’s answer was ‘no’.

Poppa knows best… While Mr. Tallman had his phone out and head in the way I was able to focus on the amazing sounds these ten men create. They are a combination of talent and easy humor. If they are in town next year, I’ll be there… with a cushion to sit on just in case.


9 thoughts on “Straight No Chaser…

  1. Even though their local performance is on a work night, I tried to get tickets and found that they were sold OUT. {{pouty face}} I will try again next year. LOVE a Capella singing & these guys do it WELL. Glad you had such a great time out, Sis. ♥♥♥♥

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