Hiding from halloween…

On my way home today I stopped to pick up a take & bake pizza for a quick dinner option. I was not in the mood for cooking OR conversation, however the young gal constructing my dinner liked to chat and I was her victim.

  • “You have big halloween plans?” I’m pretty sure she did and wanted me to ask her in return. I didn’t.
  • “No.” My mind was focused on home and pizza and quiet.
  • “Really? No parties to go too?” Honest, if she would look up for even a second she would see I’m hardly the party animal type. Besides, Wednesday night is garbage night. I have chores to do.
  • “No” Just make my pizza please, my mind yelled at her.
  • “So you’re going to stay home and greet trick-or-treaters?” Joy oozed from her voice. This was obviously a big deal to her.
  • “If I have to.” I replied while silently begging her to hurry.

Snow White's Queen Grimhilde

Halloween is NOT a happy time for me. I become snarly and snippy. Tension builds until I turn into some kind of Disney character. This one perhaps ►  (Snow White’s Queen Grimhilde)

For me halloween is NOT a holiday. Whoever started that idea needs to take it back. I know all basics of it’s beginnings, the avenues that twisted and turned until the businesses figured out how to pick our pockets by making us think we need to buy things we don’t really need. My neighbors seem to think they need to turn their front yard into a graveyard which may or may not be put away by Christmas. Charming.

Flower costumeI’ll admit it can have an element of cuteness when I open the door to little children dressed as kittens, ducks, ballerinas and ladybugs. However…Zombie costume

The years have progressed till now I open the door to children and young adults, who are far past their child-like years, and are dressed in tatters with blood dripping everywhere. “You want candy? Really? Shouldn’t I be calling 911? You obviously need help.” Opening the door to these scenes are not a joy and I believe should not be rewarded with candy.

I have a few other petty reasons for disliking the inconvenience of the day/night.

  • Our front door is not handy to get to and answer (grumble-grumble).
  • Our doorbell is loud and Hub goes to bed around 7pm. (grumble-grumble).
  • Last year I heard a couple murmurs about our treats. (grumble-grumble-slam-lock) Is this the entitlement mentality coming through? What happened to “thank you”?

So this year… I will again threaten to turn off all the lights, close the curtains, unwire the doorbell and pretend I’m not home. But wait… I still have leftover candy the kids complained about last year to get rid of. And if I run out of that…

I have some socks without mates and a box of rubber bands.

assorted rubber bands

…and they thought last year’s treats were lousy.

[Oh yeah… Then I’ll put the garbage out.]


7 thoughts on “Hiding from halloween…

    • I’m with you, too. We usually hunker down with the porchlight off, avoiding the whole thing. Our neighborhood becomes overrun with vanloads of kids from other areas. On the one hand I’m glad to live in a place that’s so coveted for trick or treat, but I’m not at all into it. There are always a few hardy souls who find our doorbell after 9:00 p.m. at the end of a long, unlit path. Argh.

      And I think what’s worse than the zombie costumes is no costume at all!

  1. This post made me laugh, and I agree…turn off the lights. Luckily we live out in the country now where no one trick-or-treats; but in the city I once had an adult come to my door at 9 PM when all the lights were out and she wasn’t wearing a costume. I’m wondering now if she was just hungry and waited until all the kiddies got their fill before asking for something sweet.

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